Andrea Trinchieri: Pistol Hand Off Action

This basketball play by Andrea Trinchieri is going to allow for good spacing and quality player movement. The bigs at the high post will keep the help shot blockers out away from the basket and allow for offensive cuts and dives that have to be respected by the defense or will lead to layups or dunks.

There are going to be two different variations in this video that are going to show how to take advantage of the defense depending on how they guard. The first is going to show the play run through and the defense helping on the post player dive, which leaves open the spacing shooter. If the defense does not help on the dive man though, dumping the ball in would also be a great option. The second shows the guard defender cheating the screen and then getting backdoored, which is only able to happen because of the good spacing.



Play Name: Andrea Trinchieri: Pistol Hand Off Action

Play Goal: Create spacing by bringing the big men up the lane and then use a handoff action to force the defense into a tough rotation that will hopefully cause a breakdown and leave open an offensive player.

Play Tips: Spacing is a huge key for this play, if offensive players are too close, the defense will be able to help and recover without an issue. After spacing, the next biggest key is reading the defense and taking what they give you. Depending on how the defense guards, will determine what is open.


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