The M.A.I.N. Things

This basketball coaching article was written by University of St. Thomas (MN) assistant coach Josh Rodenbiker.   Coaching basketball is a wonderful profession, but it also can be a challenging one. Getting a start in the profession is not always easy, so making a great first impression is critical. Young assistant basketball coaches are not […]

Solo Assist Review

This review was written by Basketball HQ co-founder and skill development trainer Kyle Ohman.   One of the things that I firmly believe in as a trainer, coach, and an ex-professional player is that working smarter is so important to getting better. Having the right tools and understanding make all the difference in the world […]

Side Step Basketball Shooting Drill

  Sometimes, when doing catch and shoot basketball shooting drills, you can fade mentally if you aren’t careful. The shooting begins to get repetitive, your shot becomes sloppy, and you end up actually practicing bad habits, which in the long run actually hurts your shot more than helps it. A great way to stay mentally […]

Building for Success in College Basketball

This article was written by Mercer University Senior Associate Athletic Director Brian Gerrity.   Over the course of the past four years, Mercer Athletics has seen tremendous growth in fundraising, launched a football program that competes at the FCS level, moved from the Atlantic Sun Conference to the Southern Conference, and won 12 conference championships. […]

Making the Jump from Graduate Assistant to Staff in College Basketball

This basketball article was written by University of Central Florida men’s basketball video coordinator coach Jaycob Ammerman.   As I am writing this basketball coaching article, I cannot help but take the time to appreciate how everything has played out for me. Everyone has a coaching journey and different backgrounds. My story and journey are […]