Basketball Team Off Season Workout Plan


    If you are like most of the high school and middle school basketball programs out there, you don't have the budget for a strength and conditioning coach, that is okay though! Because we had University of Central Florida Knight's Strength Coach Ben O'Donnell put together a 6 week off season team basketball training plan!


    This workout plan was created specifically for basketball teams, and will break down every part of the workout so that you as the coach don't have to do any guess work. Get your team bigger, faster, and stronger than they have ever been, and set yourself up for a great season!


    Complete 6 Week Plan for Only $39.99!

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    Who is Ben O'Donnell?

    Ben O'Donnell is the head men's and women's basketball strength coach at the University of Central Florida. He is one of the best up and coming strength coaches in the game of college basketball today. Ben is not only a multi-certified trainer, but he also played basketball at Florida State University and the University of Central Florida. That means that he knows what that level looks like, and what needs to be done to get there!


    Certifications: MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW





    Comprehensive 6 Week Online Program:

    This Basketball Team Off Season Workout Plan will take you through the workout day by day, and week by week. There will be no guess work as to what you should be doing on that day. Everything is online with both text and videos explaining the specific exercise.


    All Exercises Come With Video Demonstrations, Sets/Rep Prescription and Directions on How to Get The Most Out of The Exercise.


    We Use The Platform To Provide This Program:

    This allows you to not only have unlimited access to the program, but also provides a personal profile where you can set detailed goals, view your workout calendar, rearrange workouts around your schedule and also provides many other unique features.


    Iphone/Android App:

    -Take your phone to the gym to view your program and video demonstrations. The optional “Weight training Pro” upgrade allows you to track advanced stats on the app and get updated with weekly progress reports. Gain insight to unique stats such as total pounds lifted per week, and workouts completed.


    Printable Workout Charts if You Do Not Have Access to Iphone/Android.


    Complete 6 Week Plan for Only $39.99!

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    Is This Program Right for My Team?

    Ben is the head strength coach for a division 1 basketball team, but that doesn't mean this program is only for college athletes. Coach O'Donnell specifically created this plan to cover a wide range of athletes by making most of the exercises % based lifts. That means that each player is going to have a weight specific to their strength for each exercise. This workout is recommended for high school teams (boy's and girl's) to college teams (men's and women's).


    What Results Can I Expect for My Team?

    This is an off season basketball plan that is designed to help your entire team improve their strength, muscle development, and conditioning. The whole workout is based around transferring these gains over to the court as well. So that means that you can expect your players to be at the top of the game physically and athletically when the season comes around.

    Because of using percentages for all of the primary lifts in this workout plan, you can expect maximum improvement. There wont be any players guessing about how much weight they should be using. They will know exactly what they need to do, and will see from week to week the improvement as they slowly go up in weight.


    What Equipment Will I Need?

    This workout was created with the understanding that not every program has a huge weight room with lots of different machines in it. So it will primarily use free weights. This is no way takes away from value of this workout. We stand by the Basketball Team Off Season Workout Plan 100%

    Equipment Needed:

    • Dumbbells
    • Barbell & Plates
    • Squat Rack
    • Bench Press
    • Pull-Up Bar
    • Resistance Bands
    • Flat/Incline Bench
    • Trap Bar
    • Lat Pulldown Machine



    Is the program refundable?

    Unfortunately the answer to this is no. All purchases of the Basketball Team Off Season Workout Plan are non-refundable.


    Is this workout plan a digital download or DVD?

    This workout plan is completely online. We have partnered with and they have created a platform that is second to none in online workouts. This purchase will give you unlimited access to the workout plan through a computer, tablet, or smartphone!


    How long do I have access to the workout?

    Once you have purchased the plan, you have access to it as long as you would like. That means that you can use it again next year with your team as well.