Ten Basketball Tryout Tips

If you are a player trying to make their basketball team or is looking to better establish a role on the team when the season starts, you need to be able to use any advantage possible. That is why we have come up with a list of basketball tryout tips that you can use to help set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

Spoiler alert, these tips are not going to all be based on taking more shots. In fact, shooting bad shots during a tryout can get you the kind of attention you don’t want from the coach. Coaches may even get the wrong impression about you and think that you are a selfish player.

So if shooting more shots isn’t the key, then what is? Coaches look for a lot of different things when trying to figure out what players to keep on the team, and sometimes many players are very close in skill, so it comes down to the intangibles.

The funny thing about the intangibles that coaches look for is that anyone can do them. Players just need to recognize them and then choose to do them. So whether it is communicating, hustling, etc. (see list for full breakdown), you need to be recognizing these opportunities and then taking full advantage of them. If it comes down to two players at the same skill level, the coach will take the player that is bringing energy to practice, being a good teammate, and listening.

Be this player, and set yourself apart at basketball tryouts!


Every year we get asked: “What tips can I use for basketball tryouts?”

Basketball Tryouts Tips

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This infographic was made with the help of Austin Youth Basketball and Chris Corbett.

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