Duke: Pin Down Basketball Play

This play is going to take the action away from the pin down screen by dribbling the basketball over to the opposite side, and then bringing it back quickly to the pin down screen. This will allow for the shooter to get a better look without the defense being able to key in on them. This basketball play is all about misdirection. So it is important that the ball handler really sells the dribble drive before coming back to the pin down action. This is a good basketball play to run if you have a quality catch and shoot player that knows how to use an off-ball screen.



Play Name: Duke: Pin Down Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get your best shooter an open shot off of a screen.

Play Tips: Pin down screener needs to set a good screen and shooter needs to set his man up. The shooter doesn’t have to catch and shoot the ball off the screen. He can shot fake or rip through and make a play for himself or a teammate.


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