Evansville: Motion Basketball Offense (12-13)

A great way for your team to develop movement on the offensive end and to get the ball moving as well is to put in a motion basketball offense. This type of offense is great because the players have a set place that they need to be on the floor or where they should be cutting. There are different rules within the motion offense to help promote player movement and ball movement.

As a basketball coach you know that both of these are key to having a successful offense, but sometimes depending on your player personnel it is hard to be really good at both of these areas, and that is where motion offense comes in. This basketball play was taken from Evansville University and they are running it against Notre Dame in this video clip.



Play Name: Evansville: Motion Basketball Offense (12-13)

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Play Goal: Run motion offense to get both player and ball movement, and ultimately end up with a quality shot.

Play Tips: Don’t let the ball stick in your player’s hands, and keep the ball moving. Players need to cut hard and cut to score. Set good screens and then react after setting the screen.


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