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Exercise Videos
View exercise demonstration videos for all exercises within your workout.
Log your workouts online and on your mobile device.
Printable PDFs
Follow detailed workout plans on the web, mobile apps, or printable PDFs.
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As an added way to provide value to the HoopDirt community of coaches, we have partnered up with to provide a custom HoopDirt coaches group that is going to provide expert training content for you to use with your team. You will be able to watch videos for each drill, view number or sets, repetitions or time, and log your workouts. Our iPhone and Android Apps will allow you to take it all with you wherever you go.  

This is online training like you have never seen before and with our expert coaches from schools like the University of Southern California, University of Louisville, University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, and so many other great schools. You can trust that you are getting expert training resources.

Learn From Basketball Experts and Proven Coaches  

Coaches Training Group Starting at $12.99/month

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View logged activity, records, & progress photos on your own profile.
Performance and Tracking
View graphs analyzing your performance of exercises you have completed.
Never miss a workout with scheduled workouts.

HoopDirt Coaches Groups - What You Get

View exercise demonstration videos as well as exclusive training tip videos.
Interact with other coaches and see what they are up to in the group.
Direct message the Basketball HQ Experts with any workout questions.
Workout Plans

Receive a new workout plans through the Basketball HQ App.

Coaches Training Group

Access to 50+ Workouts

Access to Basketball HQ workout App
Exercise Video Demonstrations 

Profile to Track Performance



This training group is for basketball coaches that are looking for workout plans to use with their team. In this coaches training group you will get access to 50+ different workout plans that are going to cover everything your team needs.

Workouts will be broken down by position, by the number of players, and much more. This will allow you to find the perfect workout regardless what players you are working with or how many are in the group.

Every drill comes with a video breaking down the details of the drill and all of the videos are instructed by a Pro or College Coach and demonstrated by a high level player.

Available HoopDirt Coaches Training Groups

Custom Team Training Group


Access to 50+ Workouts 

Private Group With Your Program 
Every Player Will Get Their Own Log In and Dashboard  

Ability to Create Your Own Workout Plans 

Access to All of the Drills in the Basketball HQ Database



Coaches Training Group

Access to 50+ Workouts 

Access to Basketball HQ workout App  
Exercise Video Demonstrations  

Profile to Track Performance