Houston Rockets: Handoff Ball Screen Backdoor Basketball Play

Receiving a handoff and then coming off a ball screen is very similar to getting a staggered double ball screen. It is a lot for the defender to have to guard and navigate through, and this means that there is a potential for the defenders to blow an assignment. However, this basketball play is going to take advantage of the defense on the weak side trying to deny the second handoff after the quick ball reversal. The defensive player is anticipating another handoff so they play on the high side of the cutter and this opens up the backdoor cut.




Play Name: Houston Rockets: Houston Rockets: Handoff Ball Screen Backdoor Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Make the defense pay for trying to cheat the handoff action and get a back door layup.

Play Tips: Sell it like you are coming up for the handoff before cutting back door. Passer needs to lead the cutter. If the player is not cheating the handoff then simply use the handoff and look to make a play.


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