Louisville: BLOB Elbow Entry Post Dive Basketball Play (12-13)

Having a few good baseline out of bounds basketball plays can really help your team get some good looks at the basket in a close game. As a basketball coach you should take advantage of your out of bounds plays because you can get your offense into a set play. This allows you to get the ball to the player you want and have them take the shot that you want.

The key to this BLOB basketball play is the timing and the positioning of the duck in by the post up player. When the ball is entered to the high post all of the defenders are going to turn to locate the ball. As soon as this happens the weak side post player is going to duck in as hard as they can, post up, catch the pass, and then finish or get fouled. Check out our basketball fundamentals section to watch a video breaking down the duck in move.



Play Name: Louisville: BLOB Elbow Entry Post Dive Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get the ball into the high post and then get a quick dump down post feed and finish.

Play Tips: High post player needs to make sure that they get open for the catch and then the opposite post player needs to be patient. As soon as the see the chance though they need to duck in as hard as they can.


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