Mike Young Attacking the 2-3 Zone in Basketball

Mike Young Attacking the 2-3 Zone in Basketball

Mike Young is the head men’s basketball coach at Wofford University and has been a part of the program for the last 25 years. Being in one place this long shows not only dedication but that he is a great basketball coach. Coach Young has some pretty impressive coaching numbers, like; 26 wins in a single season, taking Wofford to their first-ever NCAA tournament, and going to the postseason for 3 consecutive seasons in a row.

He has also been able to coach some outstanding players in his time coaching basketball, which means that he can help players develop their skills. Anytime you can hear a coach speak who has been a part of the game as long as Mike Young, you better pay attention and listen. Here is the basketball coaching clinic video from when he spoke at the basketballhq.com clinic in 2012, where he talked about attacking the 2-3 zone. If you don’t have a specific game plan for playing against a zone, your team is just going to pass the ball around the perimeter and then eventually jack up a low percentage shot. Make sure that you know how to prepare for a 2-3 zone and that you know some of the tricks to beating it.



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