Oldsmar Christian: Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play

To make this basketball play work you need to teach your players how to set good screens and get them to buy into the idea of setting a good screen every play. If the player setting the back screen sets a good screen his teammate will either get a wide open layup or he will get a wide open shot. However, if they do not set a good screen the play won’t work.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a wide-open layup off the back screen or a wide open shot at the top of the key for the back screener.

Play Tips: Set a good back screen and make your man decided whether he is going to help off or give up a layup. Make your best shooter the back screener so that he can come off the down screen for the shot. If the down screener’s man helps up then the screener needs to flash right to the rim.


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