Over the Top Crossover Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill

Over the Top Crossover Two Basketball Dribbling Drill


There are several different types of basketball crossovers that a player can do to get past a defender or out of trouble. One of the types of crossovers is the over the top push crossover move, and that is what this basketball dribbling drill is going to work on. This type of crossover will be used when a defender’s hands are in the dribbling lane, and you need to push the ball over the top of their hand to get past them. A great time to use this type of crossover might be when splitting a ball screen.

This stationary two ball basketball drill practices the over the top crossover, but it also develops your ball control and overall ball handling. Having to dribble both basketballs simultaneously will be a challenge, but the idea is to over challenge the player during basketball training or practice time. That way, when they get into a game, they can handle the basketball with ease. So use this basketball drill to really help develop ball control, the over the top crossover, and being able to dribble the basketball with either hand.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Over the Top Crossover Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Don’t carry the ball over the top but push it over the other ball.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Dribble both basketballs down simultaneously to get your rhythm, and then cross the ball in your right hand over the top while you push dribble the ball in your left hand underneath.
  • Continue this right over left motion without any dribbles in between.
  • Go for the desired amount of time and then switch to left over right.
  • You can also alternate each time which hand goes over the top on the dribble.


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