Pitt Panthers: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

In a basketball motion offense, you are just going continue cutting, screening, and moving the basketball. To make this basketball play work you need to be a threat when cutting through the zone, and keep the ball moving. In this set, the 2 big men are staying on the low block and free throw line. The wings can cut through the zone or just stay on the wings or top. Another big key to this offense is that the players read the defense and don’t play like robots. They must run the offense, but also look to exploit the defense when an opening occurs.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

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Play Goal: Move the ball around the zone and find an open shot for a shooter or a look for the big men.

Play Tips: Keep the ball moving and try to get a touch at the free throw line. Maintain good spacing and cut through the zone when given the chance.


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