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Pitt Panthers: 3-2 Zone Baseline Double Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

This 3-2 zone basketball play is designed to attack the weak points of the zone. The baseline and corners are where you are going to find openings for shots against the 3-2. Keep moving the basketball and good things will usually happen against the zone. Don’t become stagnant and just settle for outside 3 pointers. This play is going to use a baseline double screen action to help open a shot up for the offense. The goal is either to get a shot for the shooter using the screen or take advantage of the defense for over helping and hit one of the other players for a shot or finish.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: 3-2 Zone Baseline Double Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a good shot for your best shooter coming off the baseline double screen.

Play Tips: Hit someone on a screen and the cutter needs to set his man up to come off the screen. Read the defender and pass the ball to the cutter when he is open, don’t make him wait on the ball.




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