Wisconsin Green Bay: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (12-13)

When you play against a zone defense you can do a few different things but one of the best ways to be a zone is with a motion offense. The reason motion offense works so well is because there is constant movement with the ball and with the offensive player cutting through the zone. This makes the defense really have to communicate and shift to keep the offense from getting an open look at the basket. If the defense does not do a really good job of this they are going to have a breakdown and that means a good shot for the offense. The key to basketball plays like this are good cuts through the zone and keeping the basketball moving.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (12-13)

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Play Goal: Keep the basketball moving and player cutting through the zone in an organized motion offense until the defense breaks down and gives up an open look.

Play Tips: Cut hard through the zone and don’t catch and hold the basketball. Always be a threat to score when cutting through the zone and look to get the basketball. Pass fakes are a great tool to use against a zone.


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