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Best Basketball Backpacks: The Top 15 List

Best Basketball Backpacks

Best Basketball Backpacks: Finding the Perfect Basketball Backpack for You

Basketball is an intense and fast-paced sport, and having the right gear can make all the difference. That’s why every serious basketball player needs a great backpack to store their essentials. From extra shoes to snacks to water bottles and your favorite clothing brands, this list of the best basketball backpacks will allow you to store all the basketball essentials.

This list of the best basketball backpacks will feature the top options and will help you find the right basketball backpack for you. This list features the best basketball backpacks from leading brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and more.

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Top 15 Basketball Backpacks:



Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

1. Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

Price: $89.00

Highlights: 100% polyester, side panels made of Dri-FIT polyester mesh for better airflow, and a quick-adjust closure to grab items without stopping.

About Basketball Backpack: This stylish and durable backpack has your comfort and convenience in mind. Crafted from 100% polyester that’s both waterproof and highly durable, it makes carrying all of your must-have items easier than ever. With its quick-adjust closure, you can grab what you need without stopping.

Plus, its side panels are made of Dri-FIT polyester mesh which provides better airflow while helping maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day. You will have plenty of storage space with its large ball compartment as well as an additional zipper pocket with padding where you can securely store electronics or other fragile items. Plus, the ventilated side panel is suitable for storing basketball sneakers up to size 15.



Under Armour Undeniable Basketball Backpack

2. Under Armour Undeniable Basketball Backpack

Price: $27.48

Highlights: Fits a youth basketball, shoes, clothes, and water bottles, is incredibly lightweight, and is very stylish.

About Basketball Backpack: This convenient and stylish backpack makes it easy to transport your ball and any other necessary items you’ll need for practice. The sleek design is both attractive and durable, with high-quality materials that are sure to last.

And don’t let the name fool you – this pack may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to storage. Easily tuck away a basketball, shoes, clothes, and any extras like water bottles all in one place. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, so no matter how much gear you bring, carrying it around won’t be a problem.



Adidas Stiker II Team Basketball Backpack

3. Adidas Stiker II Team Basketball Backpack

Price: $33.60

Highlights: Durable polyester fabric that is fade- and rip-resistant, has a separate laptop sleeve, and comes in a variety of colors.

About Basketball Backpack: This premium athletic bag has a durable polyester fabric that will not fade or rip. It comes in a variety of colors, including blue, black, green, and red, to match your team colors. The main pocket has three compartments with strong zippers for extra security and a separate laptop sleeve to store your personal device.

With adjustable straps and plenty of space inside, this backpack fits all of your basketball supplies with ease. Store jerseys and shoes on one side, electronics and a towel on the other – everything you need will never be far away.



Xelfly Universal Basketball Backpack

4. Xelfly Universal Basketball Backpack

Price: $34.99

Highlights: Four zipper compartments, a separate space for sweaty items, and water-resistant polyester fabric.

About Basketball Backpack: Up your game with the Xelfly Universal Basketball Backpack. With tons of roomy main bag space, four zipper compartments, and a separate space for smelly or sweaty items, the Xelfly backpack has all the storage you need to take your hoops game to the next level.

Plus, its lightweight design and water-resistant polyester fabric means that you can move around with ease and keep your stuff 100% dry during those wet days. And with four color options – black, grey, red, and blue – you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in this stylish selection.



K-Cliffs Basketball Backpack

5. K-Cliffs Basketball Backpack

Price: $26.97

Highlights: A special compartment for a basketball, Velco loops on the side for baseball bats, and two mesh pockets on the side for water bottles.

About Basketball Backpack: This bag will ensure convenient and comfortable sports storage. With a special compartment that can easily fit a basketball and two mesh pockets on each side for water bottles, you have all you need right at your fingertips.

Don’t forget that this affordable option will not sacrifice quality – it features unique details like adjustable shoulder straps and reinforced materials that guarantee durability. Whether it’s practice or game night, the K-Cliffs Basketball Backpack will help you stay organized.



Point 3 Road Trip Basketball Backpack

6. Point 3 Road Trip Basketball Backpack

Price: $85.00

Highlights: Unique front-closure drawstring, side pocket storage for up to size 14 shoes, and each compartment is ventilated to prevent smells from sweaty clothes.

About Basketball Backpack: Whether you’re an avid basketball fan or a weekend baller, the Point 3 Road Trip 2.0 Basketball Backpack is an excellent choice for your carrying needs. Personalize your bag with your name and jersey number, and hit the court in style.

This top-of-the-line backpack features a unique front closure drawstring to safely store your basketball when you’re on the go. There’s also plenty of side pocket storage for size 14 shoes and a top pocket for easy-to-access accessories. Best of all, each compartment of this premium bag is ventilated, so there won’t be any musty smells from sweaty sports clothes.



Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

7. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

Price: $50.00

Highlights: An eye-catching design, a secured ball holder that utilizes rubber mesh, and a generously-sized main compartment.

About Basketball Backpack: This renowned brand is well-known for its durable and reliable sports apparel, and this backpack is no different. Crafted from superior materials and finished off with an eye-catching design, this backpack is ready for some tough, athletic use.

One of the features that users love about this stylish pack is the secured ball holder. It utilizes rubber mesh, which ensures that your basketball will stay firmly in its place as you roam around town or keep pace on the courts.

With a generously sized main compartment, you’ll be able to store your shoes and other necessities without ever having to worry about squeezing everything in. When it comes to comfort, the breathable shoulder straps are adjustable so everyone can manage their own fit and experience those all-day adventures with ease.



MIER Sports Basketball Backpack

8. MIER Sports Basketball Backpack

Price: $53.99

Highlights: Built-in basketball cage and netted door, four outer pockets, and a laptop sleeve that fits up to 17″ laptops.

About Basketball Backpack: This roomy yet portable backpack has plenty of space for all the essentials you need when playing. With a special built-in basketball cage and netted door, this bag makes it easy to store your ball securely while making sure everyone can get a glimpse of it.

On top of that, the four outer pockets offer incredible storage capacity, so you can easily stash multiple keys, a cell phone, a wallet, and a charger, as well as water bottles or travel mugs. It also features a laptop sleeve that fits up to 17″ laptops, and you won’t have to worry about your clothes thanks to its laundry pouch – so you can easily carry your uniform after the game.



Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

9. Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

Price: $60.73

Highlights: A large main compartment for shoes, two temperature-controlled side pockets to keep drinks cool, and a hidden sleeve in the strap for your phone.

About Basketball Backpack: Welcome to the Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack—an excellent combination of style and function. This sleek, stylish bag is designed by one of the top basketball brands in the world, bringing you unbeatable quality.

This multi-functional backpack boasts a large main compartment to store your basketball, plus shoes and other larger items. On one side are two temperature-controlled pockets that’ll keep cool drinks and fresh snacks at your fingertips. There’s also a hidden sleeve in one of the straps for easy access to your phone or media device.

With padded shoulder straps for comfort plus an adjustable sternum strap for stability, you get exceptional support and grip with every step. But there’s more. A discreet interior pocket in the main compartment keeps valuable items like keys and cards safe from prying eyes.



ERANT Basketball Backpack

10. ERANT Basketball Backpack

Price: $32.99

Highlights: Fits size seven basketballs, constructed with high-density polyester fabric that is tear- and fade-resistant, and a water-resistant accessories pocket.

About Basketball Backpack: This multi-purpose backpack can store all your sports gear, from soccer games to size seven basketballs. It’s made with high-density polyester fabric, so it won’t tear or fade, and it comes with two padded straps that won’t chafe your skin.

It also has a water-resistant accessories pocket and mesh pockets on the side, so you can bring an extra bottle of water or snacks as well. With its added top handle, this versatile bag is perfect for any court battle.



Kolako Basketball Backpack

11. Kolako Basketball Backpack

Price: $23.99

Highlights: Strong waterproof material, two top-loading compartments, and a section to fit your basketball securely.

About Basketball Backpack: Achieve peak performance with the Kolako Basketball Backpack. This backpack will provide basketball players with both style and convenience. Crafted from strong waterproof material, this backpack is sure to withstand any challenge.

It features two top-loading compartments, which are ideal for storing books, electronic devices, and other items. Along with a zippered front pocket for additional storage space and mesh side pockets where you can keep your water bottle or snacks at hand, it includes a section to fit your basketball securely. The adjustable straps are also padded for added comfort while carrying the bag.



Athletico Basketball Backpack

12. Athletico Basketball Backpack

Price: $39.99

Highlights: Durable polyester and nylon fabric, water-resistant, and an additional ventilated pocket for sweaty shoes.

About Basketball Backpack: With its durable polyester and nylon fabric, you won’t have to worry about it tearing or ripping. Even better, it’s water-resistant, ensuring that your belongings remain dry no matter the weather conditions.

On top of its already impressive design, there isn’t anything better than its practical features. Feel free to store all your gear in the large compartment, as you can fit your basketball in the outer compartment. This pack also comes with an additional ventilated pocket for shoes. On the side of the bag, keep drinks cool, with a pocket for water bottles and snacks.

And with a front accessories pouch, you can organize any cards, money, or keys that come along with you on the go.



WOLT Basketball Backpack

13. WOLT Basketball Backpack

Price: $35.99

Highlights: Ball compartment that can be easily folded up or extended, ventilated compartment for shoes, and cushioned shoulder straps.

About Basketball Backpack: The WOLT Basketball Backpack features a specially designed individual compartment for your ball. The compartment can be easily folded up or extended depending on your needs. It also features an individual compartment with a venthole for shoes, so you can keep them from smelling after a game.

The backpack offers a huge amount of storage space with its large main storage and several pockets to store all of your items. Plus, it has exterior pockets for easy access when you need snacks or drinks quickly during halftime. There’s even a special extensible cord to keep your cap safe and secure.

The best part about this bag is its superior portability. It has contoured, cushioned padded shoulder straps that make carrying this bag around comfortable and effortless. Plus, the bag itself consists of waterproof and tear-resistant Oxford fabric material, guaranteeing you long-lasting use.



Goloni Small Basketball Backpack

14. Goloni Small Basketball Backpack

Price: $22.55

Highlights: Durable, water-resistant ripstop fabric, a ball compartment to store basketballs, and an extra cord with a carabiner.

About Basketball Backpack: This backpack has durable, water-resistant ripstop fabric that can handle all your tough play on the court. It features a spacious main compartment and several small pockets, including a ball compartment to store your basketball, plus a separate pocket dedicated to shoes and an extra cord with a carabiner on the front for secure storage of additional gear.

Along with special adjustable and padded shoulder straps, this bag is not only comfortable but also lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about lugging around extra weight as you perfect your game.



TRAILKICKER Large Basketball Backpack

15. TRAILKICKER Large Basketball Backpack

Price: $44.99

Highlights: High-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric, MOLLE system to add pouches or hooks, and an attachable hidden shoe bag.

About Basketball Backpack: The TRAILKICKER Large Basketball Backpack is an excellent companion for basketball players. Made from high-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric with metal zippers, this bag has a MOLLE system in front to add any extra pouches or hooks that you may need. The multi-functional design even includes a bottom zipper pocket to accommodate a basketball up to size 7.

That’s not all that this amazing backpack offers – tucked away inside is an attachable hidden shoe bag designed specifically for sneakers and dirty clothing. All of this makes the TRAILKICKER Backpack one of the best basketball backpacks around—everything can fit comfortably while staying organized.


Best Basketball Backpacks Conclusion

Ultimately, there are many great options when it comes to choosing a basketball backpack. Whether you are looking for a simple and functional design or an ultra-functional backpack with all the bells and whistles, there is sure to be something that meets your needs.

The key factors to consider when choosing a basketball backpack are the space needed to carry all your basketball gear, the durability of the bag, and the comfort. And since all of these top basketball backpacks tick all of these boxes, it is really just up to you to pick the bag that best fits your style and budget.

If you have tried any of these basketball backpacks before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.




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