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  • Duane Simpkins
  • Tim Kaine
  • Dale Layer
  • Norman De Silva
  • Josh Schertz
  • Marcus Brugger
  • Jason Eaker
  • Kyle Getter
  • Dan Magrino
  • Matt McCall
  • Dwaine Osborne
  • Ben O’Donnell
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  • Matthew Graves
  • Tigh Compton
  • Alvin Brooks
  • Kyle Perry
  • Mike McGarvey
  • Shaquala Williams
  • Bart Lundy
  • Ryan Ridder
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  • David Minaya
  • Dip Metress
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  • Mark Vanderslice
  • Zak Buncik
  • Adam Williams
  • Darnell Archey
  • Dustin Kerns
  • Jermaine Johnson
  • Jay Morris
  • Tony Bland
  • Jason Allison
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  • Doug Esleeck
  • Mike Roberts
  • Brian Baudinet
  • Vic Sfera
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Basketball Coach Review

The quotes are often very good. And the drills and plays are very useful. Both as a player and a coach. -Mads Kofod Rasmussen

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Basketball Player Review

I like this site because of the daily drills to improve my game. I like the workouts that you guys send to my email. Thanks for all you great drills and skills for the B'Ball community. - Walter Brady

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Basketball Trainer Review

As a full time professional basketball trainer with 100 clients spanning all levels, delivering fresh and dynamic curriculum that works is critical to the success of our players at I loved Basketball HQ so much I bought part of the company. -Chris Corbett

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