Best Basketballs: The Top 10 List

List of the Best Basketballs


There are a lot of great basketballs out on the market, and depending on what level you play at, you may want a specific brand of basketball. Most of the time, though, you will choose what basketball you would like to play with or use for working on different basketball drills and training.

That is why we wanted to create this list of the best basketballs and talk about our favorite ones. Different basketballs on this list will have different selling points, but all of them will be a cut above the rest, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices. The majority of these basketballs can be purchased in both men’s and women’s sizes as well, so make sure that you select the correct size when you do decide to buy one.

These basketballs also make great basketball gifts, so whether you are looking for yourself or someone else, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.


List of the Best Basketballs 



Wilson Evolution Basketball


Wilson Evolution Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $54.95

About Basketball: The Wilson Evolution is one of the more common basketballs on this list because of its great grip and its durability. If you go into the average high school or play pick up regularly, there is a good chance that you will see Wilson Evolution basketballs being used around the gym. A couple of highlights of the Evolution basketball are the thousands of micro-pebbles that provide superior grip and a cushion core carcass that allows for a softer feel. This is a great indoor basketball that will stand the test of time and use.





Spalding TF-1000 Basketball


Spalding TF-1000 Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $54.95

About Basketball: This indoor basketball will be Spalding’s choice for high school and college athletes. You will find this basketball in a good amount of high schools and colleges around the country. The composite basketball surface will provide for a soft touch and will allow for great handling with personal use or in gameplay.





Wilson Solution Basketball


Wilson Solution Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $54.72

About Basketball: The Wilson Evolution is primarily for high school use, whereas the Wilson Solution is going to be geared more for college basketball. That doesn’t mean that this ball doesn’t make a good high school basketball; it is just more commonly found in different college programs. This basketball is the official basketball of the NCAA Championships and March Madness. One of the biggest highlights of this basketball is its ability to soak up moisture. When played with, some basketballs will become very slippery as players begin to sweat on the ball. The Wilson Solution does a great job of absorbing that moisture and staying easy to grip and play with throughout a game.





The Rock Basketball


The Rock Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $51.90

About Basketball: Maybe not quite as recognizable as a Wilson or Spalding basketball, The Rock basketball is still a great ball that shouldn’t be in the shadow of any of the other basketballs on this list. Used both in high school and college settings around the country, The Rock offers a basketball that has an excellent grip, is soft, and is very durable for years of use. The Rock basketball may be the perfect choice for you.





GG7X Basketball


Molten GG7X Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $55.49

About Basketball: If you have played basketball anywhere outside of the United States, you are most likely already familiar with this basketball. Molten basketballs are used worldwide and are used by the majority of the professional basketball leagues outside of the NBA. The GG7X stands for the type of material that makes up the basketball, and the number 7 shows that it is a full-size basketball. So make sure if this is the basketball that you decide on, you check the lettering and number to make sure you are purchasing the right basketball.




Spalding Official NBA Basketball


Spalding Official NBA Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $139

About Basketball: It is hard to argue against the basketball that the best players in the world use. So if you are an NBA fan or just want a great basketball, the Spalding Official NBA basketball will be a great choice. This basketball consists of a full-grain horween leather cover and will be the perfect basketball for years of great indoor use.





Baden Elite Basketball


Baden Elite Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Indoor Use Only

Basketball Price: $54.99

About Basketball: The Baden Elite basketball is going to come with a lot of great selling points. The first of these selling points is the patented design that offers a “softer feel, truer bounce, and longer life.” Maybe not as big of a name as some of the other basketballs on this list, the Baden Elite basketball holds its own when it comes to being on this list of the best basketballs.





Spalding Never Flat Basketball


Spalding Never Flat Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Outdoor and Indoor Use

Basketball Price: $34.78

About Basketball: If you enjoy having the perfect bounce every time you use a basketball, then the Spalding Never Flat basketball is going to be for you. Great for indoor and outdoor use, this ball comes with its own built-in pump, making it a basketball that is always ready to go. Even though it is also an outdoor basketball, this ball is still made with high-performance composite leather for a great soft and grippy feel, which means it works great for indoor and outdoor use.





Wilson Replica Basketball


Wilson Replica Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Outdoor and Indoor Use

Basketball Price: $20.99

About Basketball: A replica ball of the Wilson Solution, this is still a great basketball at a reduced price. This basketball will be perfect for use outdoors at the park or with friends at your home hoop. It still makes a great indoor ball, but it is more geared for outdoor use when compared to some of the higher-end basketballs on this list. The cushion core technology that comes with this basketball will allow for an “exceptional feel and a more consistent bounce.”





Dribble Up Training Basketball


Dribble Up Training Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Training and Player Development

Basketball Price: $94.99

About Basketball: If you are looking for a basketball that will help you out with your training, why not try one that you can sync to your smartphone? The Dribble Up training basketball is going to come with a training program that you can follow on your smartphone and will allow you to track the basketball movements through your smartphone. You can also use this basketball outside of syncing it with your phone as well.





GlowCity Basketball


Bonus: GlowCity Basketball (link)

Recommended Basketball For: Fun Outside Use

Basketball Price: $24.95

About Basketball: It is never too late at night to play with this basketball (well, as long as your neighbors don’t care) because it glows in the dark. This basketball will use two LED bulbs to illuminate the basketball and provide for a very easily seen basketball at night. The light inside is activated by impact, so the light only comes on while the basketball is being used. This is not leather or composite leather basketball like some of the other balls on this list, but if you are looking for a cool gift or a basketball for younger kids, this is a great option.



Best Basketballs Conclusion

Hopefully, if you are in the market for a basketball for yourself or someone else, you have been able to narrow down your search from this selection of the best basketballs. All of these basketballs are perfect for playing, doing basketball drills, or shooting around on your own. If you have more specific questions about any of the basketballs on this list, we could be glad to answer them as well. Please share your questions below in the comments section, and we will do our best to answer them.


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