Taking Advantage of the Off Season in Basketball

Taking Advantage of the Off Season in Basketball

Tim Kaine is an assistant men’s basketball coach at Florida Atlantic University (Sun Belt Conference). Coach Kaine has coached at several different levels of basketball and has been able to learn a lot about the game as he has. Tim is constantly growing as a basketball coach and has been able to help FAU continue to improve as a team and program. He has been on the staff with the Owls since the 2008-2009 season.

Basketball coaches and players know that with the end of each season, there is a new beginning. Disappointingly, our season ended with an overtime loss in the Sun Belt tournament. We had plenty of chances to win in the final minutes, but we fell short.

Next basketball season will be here before we know it, and we have to reflect on last season and work on improving for 2013-14. We have to properly analyze our strengths and weaknesses to improve for next season. How do we do that at Florida Atlantic University?

First, we are meeting with our basketball players this week and laying the foundation for this spring and summer. We have met with the seniors and discussed their plans for the future. We discuss many things, but the main things are graduation, career, and plans for the next 3 months.

At FAU, we want our young men to succeed off the court more than they did on the court. Our goal is to have our players graduate and become the best person, husband, and father that they can become in their lives. After meeting with our seniors, we meet with our returning players.

What we discuss:

  1. Academic standing
  2. Thoughts on this past season
  3. Goals for this spring on the court and in the weight room
  4. Improvement plan for the Spring

After we complete the meetings with the returning players, they are to email us their individual goals for the spring.






Once we receive each player’s goals for this spring, we sit down as a staff and discuss them. We also develop a plan for our entire basketball team. We also discuss each individual and what we need to do to help him improve. We have a consultative approach to improve each player.

Our basketball staff meets with each player, and we let them know what the plan is for them individually. Our Video coordinator will also create edits for each player of good and bad plays on offense and defense. Each coach on staff will take 3-4 players and sit down with them and watch the film with each individual.

We will show them what they did well and what we need to improve to help our basketball team succeed in the future. It is the player’s job to execute the agreed-upon plan, and we will hold them accountable.

The main goal for our basketball players and coaches is to “WIN EVERY DAY.” If we “WIN EVERY DAY,” then our program will keep improving.


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2 Responses

  1. Outstanding I love the process for the program. With our program we hand out 3 x 5 cards to our players. On one side we have the players write down 3 things or areas they need to improve in ( ballhandling, shooting, mental toughness etc.) or the other side 3 things they would like to see the program improve ( bonding, teaching, camps etc.).
    This provides the players a buy in the program and builds team morale.

  2. I like that idea. Gets the player involved and gives them a reminder of what they should be working on.

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