Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches

Basketball Shooting Drills

Shooting the basketball at a high level is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that requires hours and hours of work. It also requires having the right basketball shooting drills, mindset, coaching, etc.

The basketball shooting drills in these different sections are going to be able to help with this whole process. There will be expert instruction to develop the correct shooting motion and plenty of drills to master it. This isn’t just going to be for catch-and-shoot shots either.

The different sections will breakdown the drills into different categories. This will allow players to work on shooting off the dribble, shot fake, triple threat, and more. Being able to shoot in various ways will make it that much harder for the defense to guard you.

Along with working on shooting technique and getting up a lot of quality reps, there will also be basketball shooting drills to work on mental toughness. A shooter needs to have the skills and mental toughness to step up and make shots in big moments.

Regardless of your shooting level or your team’s shooting level, our database of basketball shooting drills will have something for everyone. So whether you are new to the game or are already a great basketball shooter, you will be able to challenge yourself with the different shooting drills we offer.


The Importance of Basketball Shooting Drills

As a basketball coach, it is great to run basketball plays to get your team high-percentage shots. It is a big part of having a great offense in basketball. However, if your players cannot put the ball in the basket at the end of the play, it will not be for much. So, as important as running a quality offense is, it is also essential to develop your player’s shooting skills. Because the better your basketball team can shoot it, the better your offensive sets will be.

If you are like most basketball coaches, though, you probably measure the time it takes in practice to regularly work on shooting versus other things that you need to accomplish with your team. This is especially true during the season when there are only so many hours of practice available and a million things to work on. However, if you are willing to invest the time, the payouts will be significant as your players will learn to shoot with confidence. If you can get your players to buy into showing up early to practice or staying after practice to shoot, you will still have all of your designated practice time.

Your team’s skill development in the offseason is an entirely different story, though. As a basketball coach in the offseason with your team, you should be challenging them to get up as many quality shots as possible. Quality is the big key here. When shooting with your players, challenge them to do everything at game speed. This will make sure that all of their shooting translates over to an actual game.

With all of these basketball shooting drills, you will have all of the different team basketball drills you will need. There are drills to work on different types of shots, position-specific shots, and levels of difficulty. There will also be basketball shooting drills for single-player use, small groups, or an entire team. All of this will ensure that you have the tools you need to allow your team to shoot the basketball at a high-level.


Basketball Shooting Drill Teaching Points

Basketball shooting is one of the most important skills for a coach to teach their players. It involves proper technique, footwork, and decision making on when to shoot. Here are some key teaching points for coaches to keep in mind when working on shooting drills with their team.

1. Balance and Stance

  • Players should have a balanced stance with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.
  • The shooting foot should be slightly ahead of the non-shooting foot, with toes pointed towards the basket.
  • This helps players to generate power from their legs and maintain balance while shooting.

2. Hand Placement

  • Players should have their dominant hand positioned on the ball with fingers spread wide for better control and accuracy.
  • The non-dominant hand should be placed on the side of the ball to provide support and stability.
  • This helps players to have a consistent shooting motion and release point.

3. Elbow Alignment

  • The elbow of the shooting arm should form an “L” shape when preparing for a shot.
  • This ensures proper alignment and extension of the arm during the shooting motion.
  • Players should also avoid “chicken wing” elbows, where the elbow sticks out to the side, as it can affect accuracy and power.

4. Eyes on the Target

  • Coaches should emphasize the importance of keeping eyes on the target (the rim) at all times during a shot.
  • This helps players to maintain focus and aim for their desired spot on the rim.
  • It also helps with shooting in game situations, where players need to quickly assess their surroundings and make a decision to shoot or pass.

5. Follow Through

  • Proper follow through is crucial for consistent shooting form.
  • Players should follow through with their dominant hand, extending it towards the basket after releasing the ball.
  • This not only helps with accuracy but also ensures that players have enough power behind their shots.


Maximizing Our Basketball Shooting Drills

Shooting the basketball is an art. It starts with a player first learning the correct form, footwork, etc., and then continues with hours and hours of repetition. If you talk to any good shooter, this is always the formula; there are no shortcuts. The process of learning and mastering different moves doesn’t ever stop either. Players that want to shoot at a high-level must be willing to put in the time consistently.

There is also a big difference between players who can make shot after shot in workouts but struggle in games. Shooters need to have good shooting form and the mental toughness required to make shots when the lights come on.

All of the basketball shooting drills that we offer will develop complete shooters and high percentage shooting teams. These drills will cover every shooting area, from working on shooting form to footwork to specific shots to mental toughness.


Must-Use Basketball Shooting Drills

Start teaching your team how to be high-level shooters with these basketball shooting drills. Whether you want to work on catch and shoot, off of the dribble, triple threat, or a combination of these, you can find the right basketball shooting drills within our extensive collection of basketball training videos.


Drill # 1: Pin Down Team Warm-Up Basketball Shooting Drill


Pin Down Team Warm Up Basketball Shooting Drill


Basketball players need to see shots go in; the more they can see shots go in, the more confidence they will play with. So it is important to try and find time during practice to work on shooting. Unfortunately, as pretty much every coach knows, it seems like there is never enough time in practice to work on everything that you want to. So you need to find team basketball drills that maximize time.

This team shooting drill is great at maximizing time for two reasons, it allows every player to be involved in the basketball drill, and it can be substituted in as part of warming up. Players will get themselves going, work on shooting touch, and see the ball go in the basket.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Pin Down Team Warm-Up Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball per player.


Goals of the Drill

  • Work on shooting and warming up.


Coaching Points

  • Max four players to a basket for spacing.
  • Focus on getting your legs under the ball and being balanced on your shot.
  • Finish high and hold your follow-through on every shot.
  • Really look to lock in on proper shooting technique and develop good shooting touch.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player is going to start with the ball just outside either lane line.
  • They will spin the ball out to themselves up the lane line about 8-10 feet from the basket, and as they are catching the ball, they will inside pivot into a shot.
  • The player will get their own rebound and then get back in line.
  • The player must make four in a row before switching sides.



Drill #2: Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill


Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill


The purpose of the form progression basketball shooting drill is to help develop the proper fundamentals when shooting the ball and build-up to game shots. Whether you are a player who is just learning how to shoot a basketball or are already a good shooter, this is a great drill. It will help build up your fundamentals or refresh them if you have already played for a long time. You can also do something without putting a lot of strain on your body, so it is a great basketball drill to do in season or along with your workouts.

As a basketball coach or trainer, this basketball shooting drill will allow you to properly assess your player’s shooting motions. It will enable you to fine-tune their shooting mechanics. Not only will it let you do this, but it will also allow for a lot of quality repetitions in a short period. You will be able to teach your players the correct way to shoot and then also allow them to cement in these good shooting habits.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Form Progression Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: One basketball and one partner.


Goals of the Drill

  • Allow players to work on developing the correct shooting motion and technique.
  • The ability to get up a lot of quality shooting repetitions in a short period.
  • Work on developing a player’s shooting range without them having to “push” to get the ball to the basket.


Coaching Points

  • The player needs to keep their shot smooth and fluid and then raise up slightly on their toes as they shoot the ball.
  • The shooter needs to stay in their shot and hold their follow-through until they make or miss.
  • As the player gets farther out, they may need to jump slightly.
  • Once you get down a good shooting form, make sure that the player executes this form on every shot.
  • There shouldn’t be any variations between shots.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player is going to start with a basketball right in front of the rim.
  • They are going to take the ball in their shooting hand and shoot the ball with one hand.
  • Once the player makes five shots from that one spot, they will take a big step backward and make five more shots.
  • They will continue this all the way out to their comfort zone (once the player starts to struggle shooting the ball with the proper form) and then come back to the first spot that they started in.
  • They are now going to repeat the drill, but this time, they will use their guide hand, and once they get to about the free-throw line, they will start jumping on their shot.
  • Once again, the player will go out until they start to struggle shooting with the proper form.
  • The drill is over after this.


Recommended Time, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • If you have multiple baskets, you can have groups of players go at every basket. Just make sure that players are holding themselves accountable to do it the right way.
  • If you want to spend more time working on a player’s shooting form, consider having the player make ten shots at each spot instead of five.



Drill #3: Box Drill Face-Up Shot


Box Drill Face Up Shot


Being a great shooter in basketball requires you to have good footwork. This basketball shooting drill is all about working on footwork and shooting the ball out of the triple threat position. Many players will shoot the ball and fade back or won’t get all the way squared up before shooting. These types of things lower shooting percentages. This basketball drill will help solve some of these problems with enough practice.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Box Drill Face Up Shot

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball.


Goals of the Drill

  • Work on your footwork and be able to make a move with either foot being your pivot foot and be able to pivot forward and backward.


Coaching Points

  • Jump straight up and down and hold your follow-through.
  • Make sure that you get squared up on your shot.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • You will do two moves out of each pivot and in this order; left foot reverse, right foot reverse, left foot forward, and right foot forward.
  • Start on the left block facing the free-throw line. Spin the ball out to the elbow, run up, jump stop, and grab the ball with both hands.
  • Pivot, face-up, and then shoot the ball.
  • Get your rebound and then go to the other lane line and spin the ball out to the elbow.
  • After the desired amount of repetitions with a certain pivot, switch up the footwork.


Types of Basketball Shooting Drills

There are a number of different types of basketball shooting drills that you can use with your players. Whether you want to work on catch-and-shoot drills, off-the-dribble shooting, triple threat, etc., our database of basketball shooting drills will have everything that you need. This will allow for quicker skill development and more variety when training your players.


Catch and Shoot Basketball Shooting Drills


Catch and Shoot Basketball Shooting Drills

All of these catch and shoot basketball shooting drills are in HD video and text format. This way, you can really see what the movements look like for each basketball drill and will be able to replicate them when you get on the court. Every video is instructed by an expert basketball coach or trainer and is demonstrated by a high-level player.

There are multiple types of basketball shooting drills out there, but these specific shooting drills will work on shooting off the catch. So whether it is getting a shot from spacing in the half-court, sprinting the floor in transition, using an off the ball screen, or anything in between, you need to be able to make catch and shoot shots. This entire section is designed specifically for working on these types of shots.


Catch and Shoot Basketball Shooting Drill Tips

There is a big difference between having your players do standing catch and shoot shots from 5 spots on the floor and finding a shooting drill that will challenge them to shoot at game speed. When it comes to shooting drills, you want them to be as game realistic as possible, and these drills will help you get to that level.

Along with your shooting drills being game realistic, you also want to have a variety of drills. This will help to keep your players motivated and working hard on every drill. With all of the different catch and shoot drills that we offer, your team will be a lot more likely to stay engaged during shooting practice.



Combination Basketball Shooting Drills


Combination Basketball Shooting Drills

All of these combination basketball shooting drills are going to be in both HD video and text format. The videos will include expert instruction from a top-level coach or trainer and a demonstration from a high-level player. This format will allow you to understand the science behind all of the different basketball drills and moves.

These combination drills will primarily focus on becoming a better shooter, but they will also incorporate working on different skills such as ball handling, passing, defense, etc. This will allow you to take full advantage of your gym time and work on several basketball skills and shots in the same drill.


Combination Basketball Shooting Drill Tips

If you have limited gym time or need to cover several different skills in your basketball training, these combination drills are a great option. Combining several skills into the same basketball drill will help ensure that your team is not deficient in any areas.

Even though these drills are technically basketball shooting drills, they are also great for working on other skills. When doing these drills, make sure that your players know everything they are working on, and then also make sure that you reinforce these teaching points.


Off of the Dribble Basketball Shooting Drills

Off of the Dribble Basketball Shooting Drills

All of these off-the-dribble basketball shooting drills come with HD video and text instructions. Having both types of information will allow you to better understand each drill and its specific purpose. Every basketball training video is instructed by an expert coach or trainer and demonstrated by a high-level athlete.

Shooting off of the dribble is a completely different feel than shooting a basketball off of the catch. So you must practice specific types of shooting drills that involve the dribble. Whether it is shooting off a ball screen action, after using a combo move, or in transition, you need to learn how to shoot off the dribble. These drills were designed to specifically work on these different off-of-the-dribble basketball shooting skills.


Off of the Dribble Basketball Shooting Drill Tips

Using the dribble to score sometimes gets a bad reputation because of over-dribbling, but there are many situations where being able to shoot off of the dribble can really add value to an offense. Here are a few examples: scoring off of ball screens, attacking in transition, attacking off of a quick reversal, and end-of-clock isolation situations.

Ideally, you don’t want a team of players who are only looking to create off the dribble for themselves, but there are definitely situations that call for it. These off-of-the-dribble shooting drills will help you master these situations, and they are worth adding to your team’s basketball training regiment.



Shot Fake Basketball Shooting Drills

Shot Fake Basketball Shooting Drills

All of these shot fake basketball shooting drills come with both HD video and written instructions. Every basketball training video has an expert coach or trainer instructing the drill and a high-level player demonstrating the different moves within the drill. This allows for a better understanding of the drill and how to make the different moves correctly.

A shot fake in basketball is something that every player should learn to use, but this is especially true for good shooters. Once a player has made a couple of shots, the defense is going to fly at them. This opens up the opportunity for a shot fake. After the shot fake, though, the player must know what to do with the basketball to capitalize. These basketball drills will help work on selling the shot fake and then making the correct move after.


Shot Fake Basketball Shooting Drill Tips

Being able to shot fake correctly and then take advantage of it adds so much value to an offense in basketball. If you have an entire team that can master this skill, the defense will be in trouble. These basketball shooting drills will help your team develop and master the shot fake move.

Details are a big part of the shot fake. The player’s shot fake must look exactly like their shot, but with a stopping point right above the forehead. It is up to you as the coach to make sure that you are correctly coaching the shot fake.



Triple Threat Basketball Shooting Drills

Triple Threat Basketball Shooting Drills

All of these triple threat basketball shooting drills are in HD video and come with written text as well. This will allow you to view the video, read the notes, and better learn each move within the drill. All of the basketball training videos are instructed by a top-level trainer or coach and have a high-level player to demonstrate.

Being able to score out of the triple threat in basketball adds a lot of value to a player’s game. Even just having the ability to score out of the triple threat adds value to a player’s game because it keeps the defense from overpressuring the ball. The triple threat is something that every basketball player should work to master.


Triple Threat Basketball Shooting Drill Tips

As mentioned before, being able to shoot out of the triple threat adds a lot of value to your offense because the defense is not able to overpressure the basketball. More than that, though, it is a great way to get your post player a mid-range isolation or a wing player an isolation opportunity out on the perimeter. If you have an offensive mismatch, the triple threat allows you to take advantage of it.

It takes some work to become efficient at scoring out of the triple threat, but if you look at players like Kobe or Carmelo that have mastered it, you can clearly see the value. All of these basketball drills will help to work on different types of shots out of the triple threat.


Why Basketball Shooting Drills

A basketball coach plays a pivotal role in the development of a team, and a key aspect of that development focuses on perfecting the art of scoring through basketball shooting drills. These drills are essential for instilling the fundamentals of shooting, which is, undisputedly, the most crucial skill in basketball. By regularly incorporating basketball shooting drills into practice sessions, coaches can help players build muscle memory, enhance accuracy, and increase confidence on the court. Such drills not only improve an individual’s proficiency but also promote team synergy as players learn to shoot under varying degrees of pressure and within different game situations. Therefore, coaches who leverage basketball shooting drills equip their teams with the arsenal needed to consistently perform and outshine opponents, making these exercises not just a routine, but a strategic tool in clinching victories.



Tips for Basketball Shooting Drills

  • Incorporate game-like situations in shooting drills, such as shooting off the dribble or coming off screens.
  • Vary the distance and angle of shots to simulate different scenarios in a game.
  • Encourage players to take high-percentage shots and emphasize shot selection.
  • Emphasize the importance of footwork, as it can greatly affect a player’s shooting ability.
  • Provide feedback and correction on technique during drills to help players improve and develop proper muscle memory.


Basketball shooting drills are not only important for developing players’ skills but also for building confidence and improving overall team performance. Coaches should make sure to include a variety of shooting drills in their practice plans and consistently work on the fundamentals with their players to see improvement over time. So, practicing these drills regularly and incorporating key teaching points will greatly benefit the team’s success on the court.



Basketball Shooting Drills Frequently Asked Questions


What are the 4 keys to shooting basketball?

To enhance your shooting technique in basketball, remember the power line principle by using the BEEF acronym:

  • B – Balance: Maintain a stable stance with feet shoulder-width apart, positioning the foot on the shooting side slightly ahead of the other; bend your knees, align your hips with the target, and keep your back straight.
  • E – Elbow Alignment: Ensure your shooting elbow is directly under the ball for better control and accuracy.
  • E – Eyes Focused: Always keep your eyes on the target, aiming for a consistent point to improve precision.
  • F – Follow-Through: Complete your shot with a smooth follow-through, extending your arm fully and flicking your wrist to give the ball a proper trajectory and spin.


How can I improve my shooting in basketball drills?

To enhance your shooting precision in basketball, consider integrating these three drills into your practice routine:

  • All-Net Shots Practice: Aim to make shots that swish through the net without touching the rim. This drill narrows your focus target, helping you pinpoint exactly where to direct your gaze for improved shooting success.
  • Close-Range Repetitions: Start your shooting practice close to the basket, focusing on repetition. This builds muscle memory and confidence before gradually moving further away.
  • Single-Arm Shooting: Practice shooting with one arm to strengthen your shooting form and ensure your guide hand isn’t negatively influencing the ball’s trajectory. This drill can lead to a more consistent and accurate shot.


How do you shoot a basketball efficiently?

Enhance your basketball shooting skills with these seven essential tips for more efficient shooting:

  • Focus on the Target: Ensure your eyes are always locked on where you want the ball to go.
  • Mind Your Balance and Stance: A stable foundation is key; keep your feet properly aligned and balanced.
  • Check Your Grip: The way you hold the ball can significantly affect your shot’s accuracy and power.
  • Ensure Smooth Delivery: Work towards a fluid motion from the start of your shot to its release.
  • Consider Your Upforce: The power generated from your legs and how it translates through your body is crucial for shot effectiveness.
  • Perfect Your Follow-Through: A consistent follow-through can greatly improve your shot’s trajectory and spin.
  • Continuously Adjust Your Shot: Be prepared to make necessary corrections to your shooting technique based on performance and feedback.


What are the benefits of shooting drills in basketball?

Shooting drills play a crucial role in basketball development, offering numerous advantages. They improve a player’s shooting mechanics, precision, quickness, cognitive skills, and capacity to excel in high-pressure situations. Essential for players at all levels, from novices to professionals, integrating shooting drills into your training routine is vital for refining your shooting abilities.


How do you hit a 3-pointer in basketball?

To successfully make a 3-pointer in basketball, the majority of the power behind your shot should originate from the extension and jump of your legs. Rather than aiming for the back of the rim, as commonly advised, direct your focus to the front rim of the basket. Envision the ball lightly clearing the rim in your shot’s trajectory to better conceptualize the execution of your shot.


What is a curl cut in basketball?

A curl cut in basketball is an offensive play where a player runs towards the basket and then quickly changes direction to receive a pass from a teammate. This type of cut is commonly used in pick-and-roll situations or when the ball handler draws defenders towards them before passing to an open teammate cutting towards the basket. It requires sharp footwork and quick decision-making, making it essential for players to practice this skill through drills. Lastly, curl cuts can also be used as decoy actions to create openings for other players on the court. By practicing and mastering curl cuts, a player can elevate their offensive game and contribute to team success.


How can I improve my set shot?

To improve your set shot in basketball, consider incorporating these tips into your training routine:

  • Establish a Consistent Routine: Develop a consistent approach to your set shot by practicing the same movements and steps before each shot.
  • Work on Your Footwork: Make sure your feet are properly aligned with the basket and you have a stable base for shooting.
  • Focus on Your Guide Hand: The hand that does not shoot the ball can greatly influence its trajectory, so make sure it is steady and not interfering with your shot.
  • Maintain a Balanced Follow-Through: A fluid and balanced follow-through is essential for an accurate shot, so practice keeping your arm extended and fingers pointed towards the target.
  • Incorporate Game-like Scenarios: Utilize drills that simulate game situations to improve your set shot under pressure.
  • Pay Attention to Your Breathing: Proper breathing techniques can help you stay relaxed and focused while shooting, so make sure to take deep breaths before each shot.
  • Always Aim for the Same Spot: Pick a specific spot on the rim to aim for and consistently try to hit it with each shot, helping you develop muscle memory and improve your accuracy. By following these tips and regularly practicing, you can enhance your set shot and become a more reliable shooter on the court.


How can I get better at shooting without a basketball?

Lacking a basketball shouldn’t hinder your shooting practice. You can easily substitute with items like a tennis ball, a pillow, a roll of toilet paper, or even just mime the motions with no object at all. The key is to consistently practice the shooting motion, allowing it to become second nature to you. This approach opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing your ball-handling skills, ensuring continuous improvement in your shooting technique.



More Basketball Shooting Drills

Aside from the essential basketball shooting drills mentioned above, here are some additional drills that coaches can incorporate into their practice plans for added variation and skill development.


1. Partner Passing and Shooting Drill

  • Players pair up and stand on opposite sides of the court.
  • One player starts with the ball and passes it to their partner, who catches it and shoots a jump shot.
  • After shooting, the player who took the shot will retrieve their own rebound and pass it back to their partner.
  • The drill continues with players alternating between passing and shooting until they make a specified number of shots or for a set amount of time.

2. Spot Shooting Drill

  • Place cones or markers around the perimeter of the three-point line at different spots.
  • Players start at one cone and have a set amount of time to shoot from each spot, trying to make as many shots as possible.
  • The drill can be done individually or in teams, with players competing against each other for the most made shots.

3. Chair Shooting Drill

  • Place a chair under the basket and have players line up behind it.
  • Players will take turns dribbling towards the chair, making a move to get around it, and then shooting at the basket.
  • This drill helps with footwork, decision-making, and finishing under pressure.


By incorporating these drills into practice sessions, coaches can help players improve their shooting skills and ultimately contribute to the team’s success on the court. Remember to always focus on the fundamentals and provide feedback and correction to ensure proper technique and development. With consistent practice and dedication, players will see improvement in their shooting abilities, leading to more wins for the team. So, keep these drills in your coaching toolkit and watch as your players become better shooters with every session.



Basketball Shooting Drills Conclusion

In conclusion, basketball coaches must prioritize incorporating defensive drills, dribbling drills, finishing drills, and shooting drills into their training sessions to elevate their team’s overall performance. These drills not only improve individual skills but also foster teamwork and discipline, essential elements for success in the sport of basketball. By consistently practicing these drills, players gain the agility, precision, composure, and confidence needed to outperform opponents and secure victories. So let’s embrace the importance of basketball drills and strive for excellence on the court. So keep practicing, stay disciplined, and never stop striving for improvement! Happy coaching!




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