Basketball Conditioning Drills

  There are basketball drills for all types of purposes. Some are used to improve a specific skill like basketball shooting form. Others might be designed to work on hand-eye coordination, and so on. Basketball conditioning drills are a little bit different, though. They are going to work on multiple skills at the same time. […]

What Does Your Record Reflect?

This basketball coaching article was written by Tennessee Tech men’s basketball assistant coach Frank Davis.    I recently came away with a statement from a basketball coaching colleague; “Your team is really never as good or as bad as their record shows.” A group could be 15-0 and headed into conference play, which would qualify […]

How to Shoot a Basketball

  Great basketball shooters know that you have to get the work done before the ball gets there. This means that you need to be down ready and stepping into your shot as the basketball gets there. If you catch the ball standing straight up, your shot will be slower and give the defender more […]

A Career in Coaching Basketball

This basketball coaching article was written by Adam Williams, who is the Assistant Director of Operations for the men’s basketball team at the University of Central Florida. He has been a part of the Knights program since 2012. Before joining UCF, Adam was a part of the Marshal program as well as West Virginia Tech.  […]

Squat Jump Exercise

  A big part of being athletic and being able to jump higher and faster is technique and form. You have to load the correct way and then also know how to propel yourself upwards. It involves hip drive, ankle extension, using your arms the correct way, etc. All of these are important in getting […]

Slide Basketball Shooting Drill

  Having great footwork impacts so much of the game of basketball; this is especially true with shooting the basketball. If you look at great shooters in basketball, you will quickly realize that they really command their footwork and come into their shot on balance and under control on pretty much every shot, which is […]

Plate Push Up Exercise

  The plate push-up exercise is a great way to add a little more difficulty to the push-up exercise. If the player can easily rep out push-ups, you may want to consider adding a weighted plate to their back to help make them work harder. Along with making them work harder, this basketball workout will […]