Best Basketball Coaching Blogs

Best Basketball Coaching Blogs


Knowledge is power, and when it comes to coaching basketball, this absolutely the case. The best coaches are the coaches that are constantly learning the game and growing. You are never going to know everything about the game of basketball. Coach K. and Phil Jackson are still learning about the game even today. They are still investing in themselves and growing.

As a basketball coach, you can learn from your own experiences or learn from others’ experiences. It is usually a lot easier and quicker to learn from other coaches than it is to learn from personal experiences.

In today’s world, the internet has so much information, and sometimes it is hard to search through all of it and find what is worth reading. The goal of this basketball article is to review some of the best basketball coaching blogs out there and then let you decide what ones are worth your time. This list will continue to grow as I find more quality blogs, and if you have found an excellent basketball coaching blog feel free to contact us.



List of the Best Basketball Coaching Blogs


Hoops Coach

Steve Finamore is the creator of this basketball coaching blog, and he had this to say about it, “The blog will cover elements needed to improve as a basketball coach and player. Stories, quotes, thoughts, comments, and strategy from basketball coaches/players who have worked the sidelines and played the game.”


Hoop Skills

This basketball coaching blog does an excellent job of consistently adding new content. If you love to try and read something new each day, this is an excellent blog for you. The posts are generally shorter but are still filled with good quality tips and resources for coaches.


Online Basketball Drills

This blog is for you if you are looking for articles on basketball play breakdowns or written descriptions of basketball drills. Coach Pat does an excellent job of breaking down specific plays in his blog. Understanding a play or a specific offense will allow you as the coach to better teach it to your players. This will allow them to know all the options on the floor, and your offense will be a lot more fluid.


Hoops U

Tony Alfonso is the creator of this blog, and he does a great job of covering various basketball topics. He also has several different guest bloggers who keep the content fresh and from several different points of view. Reading and learning from different basketball coaches is how every coach should decide on their own coaching style.

Coach John Carrier

“This is a blog about coaching basketball and basketball in general. I have a deep passion for basketball and am going to use this blog to share that passion with others and expand my own knowledge and ideas. I might post Xs and Os, drills, coaching ideas, or just random thoughts on basketball. Enjoy!”   – John Carrier


Thinking Basketball

If you are looking for a daily basketball coaching blog that covers different aspects of the game, check out this blog. Greg Dietel will cover topics from strategy to developing player toughness. Coach Dietel will help you learn how to think and understand the game of basketball and see things from another perspective.


Hoop Thoughts

Just as you would expect your players to continue to get better and develop, it is also essential for you as a coach to develop and learn daily. Coach Bob Starkey will help you grow and develop as a coach. This basketball coaching blog covers more of the mental and motivational aspects of coaching, rather than the Xs and O’s. Being able to motivate and connect with your players is very important as a coach, and this blog will give you some insight into doing that.


Jon Gordon

Basketball is more than just winning and losing, trying to develop the best strategies, and teaching a player how to shoot a jump shot. It is about relationships and developing young men and women that are going to succeed in life. John Gordon’s blog is great at providing insights into developing these areas as a coach.


Great Results Team Building

You can’t get much done in basketball if team members are not all on the same page and pursuing the same goals. This doesn’t just happen on its own, though. It takes team-building that will strengthen and improve your team’s culture. This basketball coaching blog will focus on different team-building strategies that you can use with your program.


Spartan Basketball

Working out and developing your players has become such a big part of the game of basketball today. Tim Springer does a good job of providing detailed instruction of workouts in his blog. He also does a good job of looking at team strategy and breaking down the offense and defense. If you are looking to develop your players or want to learn about basketball strategy, this is a good blog to check out.


Coaching Basketball Wisely

This basketball coaching blog provides quality tips for basketball coaches at all levels. Coaching is more than just the time spent on the floor coaching; it also requires you to deal with parents, the players themselves, AD’s, etc. Coaching Basketball Wisely will give you helpful tips and help you to navigate the basketball coaching world.


Kevin Sutton Basketball

Coach Sutton has been coaching basketball for over 30+ years, and he uses his blog to help share his coaching knowledge with the rest of the world. If you are looking for someone with a proven winning record and has a lot of insight on the game and coaching, this is a good blog to check out. Along with strategy Kevin Sutton talks about investing in your players and some of the other areas of coaching off the court.


Coaching Tool Box

Brian Williams is in charge of the coaching toolbox, and his goal is to provide coaches with all the tools they need for the game. If you are looking for a diverse source of information that will cover many areas of the game, this blog is for you. His goal is to give coaches the tools that they need to win. His building blocks to improve your basketball team resource is just one of the tools that he provides coaches.


Coach RB Basketball

If you are looking for a basketball coaching blog that covers many different topics from shooting confidence to offensive basketball sets, here is an excellent blog for you. Randy Brown is in charge of this blog, and he does an outstanding job of keeping the material fresh and relevant. This is a great blog for basketball players and coaches of all ages and levels of play.



Best Basketball Coaching Blogs Conclusion

One of the best things about the internet is that there is so much free information out there. One of the worst things about the internet is that there is so much free information out there.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to go when looking for a great basketball coaching blog to learn from. We hope that this list will provide you with a good starting point and help point you in the right direction.

As mentioned before, please feel free to comment on any great basketball coaching blogs that we may have missed, and we will try to get them included in the list.



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47 Responses

  1. As a coach, be eager to learn, and work hard to be as up-to-date as possible by reading, attending clinics, and talking with fellow coaches.
    Never lose sight of the impact that you are having on young people’s lives.
    Teach your players the importance of proper priorities that allow for maximum personal, academic, and athletic development.
    As the coach, make it your goal to have your team as well prepared as possible.

  2. Coach, Can you give me the link to your blog? I will check it out to put it up on the list. Thanks.

  3. According to me, sports can be best learned from experienced and successful players. I am sure the above list of websites from best players will help kids to learn more about the game. There’s no doubt that Good coaches get kids into games!

  4. Who do you think is a better coach out of Coach K. and Phil Jackson? Also, how do you think they would do if they were given a team with a losing record like the Jazz? How much difference do you think they would make?

  5. Kyle,

    I just spent about an hour going thru these blogs, can’t believe there were some real gems I had not heard of. Thanks for collating and sharing. Can you take a look at and see if we make the cut? I think our blog offers up some unique content and helps connect ambitious basketball families to expert trainers.


  6. Hey Kyle,
    My names is Jesse and I also run a basketball blog where I give tips and training advice to basketball athletes.
    You’re welcome to check it out at and if it’s a fit then I’d love to be mentioned on that list too.


  7. It’s always great to see how others are teaching basketball drills and shooting techniques. Always good to learn from others. Check out the newest site in basketball shooting instruction. Time for the modern shot to replace the traditional shot.

  8. Hello, I really enjoy your blog and the information you give out. If it wouldn’t be to much trouble could you check out my basketball blog? Any feedback you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks

  9. This is a very informative listing. All I can say is that good coaches should constantly be learning, practicing and planning. They don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they know enough. They set an example because they expect their players to put in the time to improve. You need to know the players first. What are the ins and outs for them? It’s not just about winning basketball games. I’ve seen some coaches who have been coaching for 25 years and still commit the same mistakes. By the way, if you’re looking for a good youth-oriented basketball camp in Lorton,Virginia, you should try Shots Up Basketball. They are known to have a loyal following of families from the area who return year after year.

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  11. Hi Kyle,
    I just spent about an hour going thru these blogs, can’t believe there were some real gems I had not heard of. Thanks for collating and sharing. Can you take a look at and see if we make the cut? I think our blog offers up some unique content and helps connect ambitious basketball families to expert trainers.

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  13. Hey there Kyle,

    Great set of recommendations, I’m pretty fond of you guys and Hoops U.

    I also happen to have a basketball blog where I give recommendations on training and provide educational posts for learning how to play the game.

    If you’re interested you can see it at and if you find it to have valuable content then I’d love to be mentioned alongside the other pros on this list.


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  15. Hey Kyle, My names is Michael and I also run a basketball blog where I give tips and training advice to basketball athletes. You’re welcome to check it out at and if it’s a fit then I’d love to be mentioned on that list too. Thanks.

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