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Best Summer Basketball Camps

Best Summer Basketball Camps

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start figuring out which basketball camp you should attend this offseason to work on your game. There are plenty of basketball camps out there, and some are better than others. You want to find a camp that will challenge you with great basketball drills, basketball coaching, make you better as a player, and get you some exposure if you can.

With so many basketball camp choices out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best. If you are spending your time and your money on a basketball camp, you want to know that it will be worth it. That is why, over the last few months, we have been researching different basketball camps around the country to see which ones really are the best. Here is our list of some of the best basketball camps from around the country.

If you are looking for basketball training outside of summer camp, make sure you check out our player basketball training groups to provide you with basketball training year around.



List of the Best Summer Basketball Camps




Hoop Group Basketball Camps (link)

The Hoop Group Headquarters is located in New Jersey, and their summer camps are offered for players who have completed grades 3-10. All of the camps are co-ed and are held in a beautiful basketball facility that offers 4 NBA replica courts. Another great thing about this basketball camp is that they offer weeks specific for a position; Point Guard School, Basketball 101 Camp, Shooting Basketball Camp, etc. They have excellent instructors that will help the players grow and develop their skills.

“Hoop Group Skills Camp has been running the top instructional summer basketball camp in the U.S. since 1963. For over five decades, the top high school and college coaches have come to the Poconos to pass along their knowledge to youth basketball players.” – Hoop Group





Point Guard College Basketball Camps


Point Guard College Basketball Camps (link)

Point Guard College offers an excellent camp that will teach you how to play the game of basketball and how to think it. They have specialty camps to focus on specific areas of your game, but one of their goals is that no matter what position you play or what camp you go to, you will get better as a player. Another great thing about PGC is that they have camps all over the country. That means that you can find one that is most likely going to be close to you. Also, they stand behind their product so much that they offer a 110% money-back guarantee.

“No matter what position you play or which course you attend, if you’re a dedicated athlete, each of our basketball camps will enhance your game.” – Point Guard College







Five Star Basketball Camps (link)

Five Star Basketball has been around for a while and is a trusted source for summer basketball camps. They offer a variety of different dates that you can choose from, and they also travel all around the country so you can find one that is close to you. Five Star offers week-long camps for boys and girls ages 10-18 and day camps for kids 7-17. If you are looking to develop your game this offseason, then these are some great camps to do that at.

“Five-Star campers are athletes that are working on reaching their highest potential and players learning something that will help them make themselves and their team better.” – Five Star





Phenom Basketball Camps (link)

These basketball camps are offered for middle school and high school age boys and girls, and they do something that is pretty cool. They have regional camps all over the country that you can sign up for, but to go to the national camp, you must be invited by one of the regional coordinators or be nominated by someone else. If you are looking to get some exposure and go against some terrific players, this is the camp for you.

“These programs are designed to provide supreme quality via skills and technique training for players, mental training, support and guidance for parents on raising athletes, communicating with coaches, collegiate recruiting, etc.”  – Phenom




The National Basketball Academy


The National Basketball Academy (link)

The National Basketball Academy has partnered up with some different NBA and WNBA teams, and what they do is represent those teams in training the youth players in those communities. They have done camps in different NBA practice facilities and have guest visitors such as Kevin McHale, the Houston Rockets head coach. If you are looking to get better and do it in a cool environment, this is an outstanding basketball camp.

“Camps run for week-long periods combing skill development stations with competition to provide a fun and instructive basketball experience with an NBA atmosphere.” – National Basketball Academy





Elite Hoops Basketball Camps


Elite Hoops Basketball Camps (link)

Elite Hoops has partnered with US Sports Camps, the official Nike Sports camp operator, so you know that you will get a good experience with quality coaches and excellent facilities. They also travel around to different states to host their camps, primarily in the Southeast area. This is a relatively new basketball camp, but they have seen thousands of basketball players come through the camp and leave better players.

“Campers at every Nike Basketball Camp will develop all of their basketball skills – shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense. A Nike Basketball Camp immerses you in the sport, giving you the kind of focused, intensive training that is essential to improvement.” – Elite Hoops





Advantage Basketball Camps


Advantage Basketball Camps (link)

Advantage Basketball probably does the best job of providing multiple camp locations and opportunities to go. They are always adding new camp dates and locations as well. The ages for their basketball camps are ages 7-18. This camp has developed a good reputation and has been in existence since 1986, so it has some history. Their mission is not to just teach basketball but to teach kids.

“These camps are designed to bring out the best in children: increased respect for sportsmanship, enhanced fundamental athletic abilities, and a deeper understanding of teamwork and responsibility.” – Advantage Basketball




NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Basketball Camps (link)

NBC Basketball offers camps in over 50 cities around the country and even some camps worldwide. This means that you will most likely not have to travel very far to intend one of their camps. They are one of the largest camp programs out there today, and they offer a lot of different types of camps. There are overnight camps, day camps, elite camps, specialty camps, and several more. You should have no trouble finding a camp to fit you.

“We want to help you become a stronger, more confident player. Whether you are a beginning basketball player or you are striving to play in the NBA or WNBA someday, we have the tools to help you reach your dreams and goals on and off the court.” – NBC Basketball





Snow Valley Basketball Camps


Snow Valley Basketball Camps (link)

The Snow Valley Basketball Camp is located in Waverly, Iowa. It is a week-long camp that provides housing for all of the camp participants. Also, they say how what the player to coach ratio is (8 to 1). That lets you know that you will get the proper amount of attention and not get lost in a sea of campers. This camp has been featured in Sports Illustrated as “one of the nation’s best fundamental camps.” You can also view a PDF of what a typical day at camp will look like, so you know what you are getting.

“The Snow Valley philosophy is to treat each “player” as an individual. A Personal Player Profile Report Card will be kept on each camper throughout the week and given to him or her on the last day of camp. This Report Card will note particular strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for individual improvement once your son or daughter has left Snow Valley.” – Snow Valley






Basketball World Camp



Basketball World Mini Camp (link)

Basketball World Shoot It Better minicamps not only offer camps that you can travel to but if you are a coach or parent, you can schedule them to hold a camp at your facility. You must have at least 30 kids attend the camp, but this makes it very convenient to have them come to you. The camps are hosted by Hal, Scott, and Paul Wissel. Depending on what type of camp you sign up for, they are either one or two days, and they will focus only on becoming a better shooter.

“Basketball World SHOOT IT BETTER Mini Camps are conducted worldwide for players ranging from NBA to youth level. The Mini Camps are for players who are serious about improving their shooting and for coaches who want to learn the latest techniques for teaching shooting.” – Basketball World




Best Summer Basketball Camps Conclusion

Under the right coaching and training, summer basketball camps can lead to huge jumps in player development and an overall understanding of the game. We believe that all of the basketball camps on this list offer an excellent product for players, so it is really up to you to decide what camps work best for you.

If you have any questions or believe that a basketball camp deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments below, and we will check them out.





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  1. Hey I live in chicago and I’m looking for a great basketball summer camp for my son would like to hear more information about ur program

  2. Dear I am looking for a summer camp where my sonn can have English course in the morning and basket ball session in the aftrenoon ( or vice et versa) we are French and trying to see if we can find a camps covering both english and basket. thanks B rgds F Bruce

  3. We live in Montana and I am looking for a camp to improve jumping skills. Any ideas? We are used to traveling so that is not an issue but try to keep our trips for sports to the NW area of the country. Thanks!

  4. My son (age 14) plays in a top team in Slovakia (EU) and he is a very talented basketball player. I’m looking for a good quality summer camp in US, with coaches who can later recommend him to attend High school with basketball program in US.
    Any advice?
    Thanks, Jay.

  5. Jay, my son (from England) went to the Syracuse Camp in 2013 – at The Dome, excellent time!

  6. Thanks Sarah, I will have look at it. Does your son plays for any team in England? I live in London but I find British basketball in shadow of all other popular sports. We went to see London Lions once but it seemed a bit amateur level, that’s why I’m thinking to go in US…

  7. I am interesting in summer camp basket . USa or England . Sarah , doyou know any in England of 3-4 weeks

  8. Hey I think im over the age limit. I just really would like to find a camp to attend to help further my game, I really need help getting started, im trying to follow a dream, but I’m having a hard time getting started.

  9. Nike Basketball Camps are thrilled to welcome Matt Wilson, a Nike Basketball Training Specialist. Coach Wilson will be leading one week of complete skills camp for boys, ages 9 to 15, at Wheeling Middle School, in Wheeling, West Virginia, from June 9-12, 2014. Goals of this camp are for players to develop and redefine their basketball skills to become complete players. Campers will be surrounded by qualified coaches and basketball skill trainers from all over the country who have extensive experience working with elite high school, college, and professional players. Wilson’s staff is well experienced and dedicated to ensuring that all campers have a valuable experience while improving and gaining new skills. Through drills, individual instruction, and competition our hope is for all campers to come out better and more experienced basketball players. Campers will be instructed on Shooting technique & fundamentals, Offensive skill development, Competition games & drills, Offense & Defense principals, and compete in 5on5, 3on3, 1on1 competition. All campers will receive an official NIKE T-SHIRT, NIKE Pro WORKBOOK, and NIKE PRIZES.
    The camp is held at Wheeling Middle School in Wheeling, West Virginia. 3500 Chapline St. Wheeling, WV 26003. For more information please contact Matt Wilson @ or call 1-800-nike-camp, or

  10. Hi, looking for a camp in San Diego for the week of 14 July or 4th August for my 10 year old son, if anyone knows of any please can you let me know. thank you

  11. I live in Arkansas and am wanting to get involved in a major basketball camps. I live in the North West part of the state.
    If you have any Ideas give me a shout ethier on my email or on this website

  12. Hello I would be more than happy to assist anyone looking for camps or situations with high schools in America. I’m honesltly just looking to assist players find the right programs and exposure camps. this is a great website and has great info but there are also great options not listed and are a bit my regional and even local. Email me at MIAMIBALLHOGS@LIVE.COM

  13. Hi all, I am 17 and looking for a basketball camp to go to where I will become a complete new player, I want it to be a full day of hard training. I have looked at img basketball camp, anyone know if it’s a good camp. Can someone please tell me of camps that will push me to my limit and increase my basketball as a whole. Thank you

  14. looking for a camp for my 12 year old son to attend. he has played 6th and 7th grade has great defense but needs lots of help on offense. north georgia chattanooga area ! thanks!

  15. I have a 15 year old who is playing well but I am looking for a camp that will help him reach that next level of play. I would like the camp to be near Memphis, Tn. or Panama City, Fl.

  16. I am a female playing my first year in college and I need a camp to help be to become a better player. Can you please help me get to the next level. Thanks

  17. Currently my son is playing for a league team in Long Island but it is not very competitive and practice is only once a week. He has great skill and I need him to take part in a program that will help bring him to his full potential. Preferably a 4 week camp during the summer or programs he can attend throughout the year at different times.

  18. Good day,

    I wish to inquire if Nigerian basketball players are also admissible to the camp?

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  19. I am a female guard player, playing my first year in college. I would like to know what camp/s are available over summer I can attend that I am not to old for.

  20. Hey, my name is ana and i come from germany. I am 15 years old and i’m looking for a longer summer basketballcamp( about 3-4 weeks) in the us. My skills are advanced but not too god, and i dont know where to search for a camp that helps me to get better. Thanks

  21. I’m a Belgium BB coach.
    Looking for contacts.
    How to get involved as a coach/trainer in an USA BB camp.
    I’m interested to work in foreign camps.

  22. My daughter is 7 yrs old. She has taken a real interest in the game. She has just completed her second season with the Upward Program. I would really like to get her into a summer camp. We live in Arkansas, about 45 minutes from Memphis area.

  23. Hi I’m going to be in Atlantic City nj from June 29 to July 3 and was looking to put my 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter in a basketball camp.
    Any recommendations?


  24. My son is 14 going into 9th grade and I’m nooning for a basketball, baseball and football camp for him. I’m assuming each camp would focus on one sport. We live in Michigan. I want ones that will challenge him and help him improve on his skills.

    MY daughter is 11 years old and is on a top AAU team in NY. She also attends skills development 6-7 days a week and trains off the court as well. She is advanced for her age group and is extremely dedicated and skilled. I am looking for a basketball camp that is a structured for a serious minded player who is looking to develop personal skills, game I.Q. as well as situtional awarness, fitness and nutrition and the like. I am NOT looking for a babysitting service or a camp that groups kids of all skill levels together. “Fun” 5x5s and pizza lunches are not what we are interested in. Can anyone suggest a camp that encompasses this type of player development?

  26. Hello I live in Cordele Georgia I was wondering is there any camps around in this area.

  27. Looking for a great camp in the Seattle area for my son. He is 12 years old and is 6’4″. He just played his first year of organized ball and performed exceptionally. Thanks.

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  29. hi i’m looking for a camp for my 16 year old son from Italy in America ( califonia )..he wants to grow getting better..a camp with personal coaching .

  30. Looking for camp for my 16 year son he is a dedicated player that wants to improve, he wants to focus on skill improvement. In America – California

  31. To whomitmay serve

    Dear Sir,
    I amwriting to know if youorganize BASKET BALL Camps and English cours.
    I amMister EDZATA Alain, domiciled in CONGO Brazzaville andwish to enrolmyson EDZATA RIGO old of 19, height 2.05 m and weight 85kg in a Basket Ball Camp and to English Cours during the 2016 summer. If itisso, pleasesend me your 2016 summer program and all the prices.
    In fact, my son lives in France and plays BASKET BALL in a Training Center in France. He was a 2014-2015 France Champion in Junior Category and heisplayingthisyear as a promisingyoungplayer. He wishesduring the 2016 summer to take part in a BASKET BALL Camp in order to makeprogress in hiscareer and to learn English.
    Please, let me konwif youoffer the following services :
    Airportwelcome services, accompanying and help for airportformalities for trainees.
    And wouldlike to know if the lodging and food are included in our program prices. I wouldlikealso to know the coaching and the cours programs.
    Please, for more information do not hesitate to contact me.

    Alain EDZATA
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  32. My son is 7 and we live in the ohio valley. I’m looking for a summer camp to help him mainly on dribbling and passing. Or a 1 on 1 coach. We’re about an gr from Pittsburg and 1.5 hrs from Columbus.

  33. I live near Elmira, NY and have three children. I’m looking for a basketball camp for my son (12 years old) that focuses on defense.


  34. I’m looking for a good basketball camp in Cincinnati Ohio. My grandson is 12yrs old. He wants to to get on a junior high team. Thank Youfor any help.

  35. hello from istanbul turkey
    ı am looking for basketboll camp and english course same time for my 11 years old boy.
    thanks for your interesr

  36. Hi,
    I’m looking for a 1 week to 2 weeks best (professional) basketball camp in California in the month of August for my 2 sons (10 &15) to learn new skills and have the best time of their life. We live in Spain.


  37. Looking for serious basketball camps for my 10th grade son. Ones that work on the individuals, not a hokey fund raiser for a high school program where it’s all about fun. He’s 6’2″, played on varsity as sophomore. Wanting something to help develop him more……Do you know of anything like that?

  38. Hi,
    I’m looking for a great camp in or near Columbus, Ohio, for my 11yr son. Thanks!

  39. Hello. I am looking for an elite basketball training camp summertime 2016 in Houston, Tx area for my high school player (starts sophomore year in August) who also plays AAU basketball. He’s 6’6″ and looking for camps that offer tournament opportunities with highly-competitive players to boost his skills all around

  40. I have a 6th grader that is 5ft 3 and loves basketball. I am a single mom and this is all new to me. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the best basketball summer camps and just trying to find a great basketball program to get him connected too. I am very frustrated. I would love to find something in the Louisville, Kentucky area. The choices I have made have ended up with similar programs and I haven’t seen much difference.

  41. I am looking for a combination basketball and English language summer camp for 2017 for one of my teenage students; can you give me some advice as to where I could look?

  42. I’m surprised you didn’t have IMG Academy on the list. They have all summer long camps. Kids come from all over the world to train at this camp located in Bradenton Florida.
    My son went to the football camp there for three weeks several years ago. They have overnight accommodations for the kids and amazing facilities as they train professional level players along with middle and high school players. They have basketball, football, tennis and I believe soccer. It’s like a mini sports world. They have a full time high school there as well but it cost 75k a year to attend the high school. YIKES!!

  43. I am really looking to focus on Defense this offseason for my daughter. Wonder if you have any insights on camps or clinics that work on this vital part of the game that has been unfortunately overlooked.

  44. A well put together list. Can definitely vouch for NBC basketball camps as I’ve seen those guys do a lot for the younger talent. Would be interesting to see some international ones added to the list too, even though they are far and few between.

  45. Hi! to all. I”m trill reading all the post. I’m looking for the NBA Basketball summer camp for my son who is 11 Yrs old. I live in Jupiter, Florida and I would like him to start near the area and considering some travel too.

  46. Hello,
    My son Luca (16) would like to join a basketball summer camp in the US during this summer in July. We live in Brussels, Belgium thus we would prefer somewhere on the East Coast. Any suggestion? Luca is quite talented and would like to improve his shot and work on defence.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks and best regards.

  47. Hello I would be more than happy to assist anyone looking for camps or situations with high schools in America. I’m honestly just looking to assist players find the right programs and exposure camps. This is a great website and has great info but there are also great options not listed and are regional and even local. Email me at

  48. OtterBasketballs Point Guard Elite Camp is an intense, detailed, and disciplined program that I believe any player would be lucky to experience.. check out —> for more info

  49. We have an awesome camp for high school prospect looking for exposure. We host the HBCU Elite 100 Camp , which consist of current and former college coaches and player as instructors and open to college level prospects throughout the country. Our website is Follow us @connecthoops on twitter or @hbcuelite100 on instagram.

  50. A well put together list. Can definitely vouch for NBC basketball camps as I’ve seen those guys do a lot for the younger talent. Would be interesting to see some international ones added to the list too, even though they are far and few between.

  51. I am truly hoping to zero in on Defense this offseason for my little girl. Keep thinking about whether you have any experiences on camps or centers that deal with this indispensable piece of the game that has been shockingly disregarded. If you know more about basketball visit this webiste

  52. I am truly hoping to zero in on Defense this offseason for my son. Keep thinking about whether you have any experiences on camps or facilities that chip away at this fundamental piece of the game that has been shockingly disregarded.

  53. Summer is the best time to play and enjoy the basketball game. This is so amazing and informative reading for me. I want to expert in my basketball game and I love to learn from all of these camps. Thank you for sharing this article.

  54. Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else may I get that type
    of info written in such a perfect means? I have a mission that I’m
    simply now working on, and I have been at the glance out for such information.

  55. Orangeville Prep camps are another great basketball institute. They offer weeklong overnight and day camps. They have produced 7 NBA players (Jamal Murray, Thon Maker, etc.) and 39 division 1 players. Go to to check out their stuff. From personal experience 10/10.

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