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Basketball Training

Our online training groups are designed for players that are serious about developing their game, but aren't always quite sure what they should be doing when they get in the gym. We offer over 1,000 different training videos with our Pro Membership, but we wanted to offer you as a player a training plan that covers everything that you will need.

Our expert trainers and coaches have put together an online training group that will allow you to accomplish all of your basketball goals. We offer a complete training group where you will work on all areas of your game, as well as a ball handling training group and a shooting development group that focus on a specific skill.


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This is online training like you have never seen before and with our expert coaches from schools like the University of Southern California, University of Louisville, University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, and so many other great schools. You can trust that you are getting expert training in our videos and advice from our team of Basketball HQ Trainers!

Every month we will create a brand new workout plan for you to work on your game. This means new drills to challenge you and new ways to work on your game!




  • Training videos broken down by college and professional coaches and demonstrated by high level players.
  • A new custom training plan every month and broken down week by week.
  • Awesome app features that allow you to: view drill videos, monitor sets/reps, and log workouts.
  • Group discussion allows you to ask us questions about workouts and get feedback on your game.




Find a Training Group that is Right for You


Complete Individual Training Group (Recommended)

If you are looking to develop your game and don't have always have access to a workout partner, this basketball training group is perfect for you. The workouts are going to work on ball handling, shooting, finishing, and everything else that goes into being a complete player; and all the drills can be done without a partner.

Along with having a workout plan that you can do all on your own, you also get access to our ball handling workout plans, and partner shooting plans. This training group is our all in one and by far our best deal when it comes to choosing a training group.

Our basketball experts will provide you a brand new workout plan for every month broken down week by week. Checkout this short video to get a better idea of some of the drills that will be in this workout group.


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Ball Handling Development Group

This basketball training group is going to strictly work on ball handling, but it is nothing like you have ever been a part of before. The workouts will include one ball drills, two ball drills, tennis ball drills, wall drills, and more. Dribbling drills can get repetitive if you are stuck doing the same drills over an over. That is why this group is so awesome! It will continue to provide new drills for you to try and master.

If you are looking to improve your dribbling ability this is the perfect workout for you regardless of position. Most of these drills can also be done without a partner, so if you are working out on your own this is also a great choice for a training group! Watch this video to checkout some of the different drills you will be doing if you sign up for this training group.


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Shooting Development Group

Most of the drills in this basketball training group will require either a partner or someone to rebound for you, but they will all help you become a better shooter. If you are looking to master the art of being a knockdown shooter and have a partner or someone to rebound for you, this is the perfect group for you!

The workout plans in this group will work on all kinds of shooting; off of the dribble, catch and shoot, triple threat, etc. This group will help turn you into a complete shooter in no time. Watch this short video to checkout some of the great drills that will be a part of the workout plans in this group.


Join this Group Now - $12.99




Looking to Earn a Scholarship?

The coaches that are featured in our training groups as instructors are all college and professional coaches. This means that you are learning from the coaches who are offering scholarships and who have worked with college and professional players. So who else better to learn from?





Make Sure You Grab our App


Our partners at have set us up with the technology to be able to access all of our training groups on their state of the art Iphone App and Android App. That means that you can take us to the gym with you to access all the training videos, see how many sets and reps you have for a drill, log your workout, and ask us any basketball related questions in the discussion board. You will have your own designated dashboard just for you to monitor and track your workouts!