Billy Donovan and Gregg Marshal Coaching U Basketball Clinic Notes

Billy Donovan and Gregg Marshal Coaching U 2014 Basketball Clinic Notes


Billy Donovan is the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Florida and has established himself as one of the elite coaches in basketball today. The Florida Gators have recently been a staple of the NCAA tournament. Gregg Marshall has been receiving a lot of recognition for what he has accomplished at Wichita State. He is the head men’s basketball coach and has done a great job of winning games and doing it the right way. These basketball coaching clinic notes are from when they spoke at the Coaching U Clinic in 2014. Notes were taken by Jacob Collins.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Billy Donovan: “Pick and Roll Motion Offense”

You’re only as good a coach as the people you are around.

  • Decided how you want to play
  • To play with freedom, you have to teach guys how to play.
  • In practice, the ball has to cross the Halfcourt line in 4 seconds
  • 2 and 3 down to the 1st marker
  • Transition Offense—1 enters to 2 and cuts through. 2 passes back to 4 who reverses, 5 sprints to set screen.
  • On the swing, there are 3 things the 4 man can do
    • Follow 5 for a double ball screen
    • Dive opposite
    • Space away and get into spread pick and roll
  • He really wants to force people going over pick and role
  • If the 4 man catches a pass coming from the pick and roll (which will be a weakside triangle), he has 3 options
    • Throw and go (continue reversal and play the 2-man game with opposite wing)
    • Slip
    • Shallow cut (Dribble Drive cut. 4 man shallow cuts to ball side block and the guard drives off of his back)
  • Why does he do the offense like he does? He does what he believes is hardest to guard
    • Transition
    • Putting 2 guys on the ball as much as possible
  • When the 4 is low, 4 and 5 man have a lot of reads
  • Options off of the triangle side (these options are for the opposite big; 4 man in this scenario, who is on the block)
    • The top guard cuts to the opposite corner. 5 man comes and sets a ball screen on the lower guard, and 4 man fills the strong-side corner
    • The top guard cuts to the same side block and fills behind the pick and roll. 4 would space high to clear out the post.
    • Top guard cuts through opposite and 4 spaces high for spread pick and roll
  • He wants the ball and floor moving
  • On the triangle side, will occasionally have the big flash high post on the top guards catch and utilize corner action
    • Corner action—player catches in high posts, and other players make screens and reads.
  • Anytime the big has the ball up top—automatic pick and roll.

Gregg Marshall: Shocker Culture and Quick Hitters

  • 2 kinds of quick hitters
    • transition
    • no transition
  • “Quicks”—in transition
  • 2nd type of play—timing plays
    • Used after
      • Made basket w/o quick release
      • FT Situation
      • Dead Ball
  • Runs basketball plays in sequences. He has plays sequenced by media timeout and rarely ever makes a play call
  • PG has to pick a side. Movement from side to side initiates the action
  • Do things right
  • In transition wants to change sies of the floor
  • The difference between stress and pressure is your level of preparation


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