Brendan Suhr Coaching U Basketball Clinic Notes

Brendan Suhr Coaching U Basketball Clinic Notes


Coach Brendan Suhr is known worldwide in the basketball coaching industry and is one of the main faces of Coaching U. He also has been around the game of basketball for a long time and has been a part of some outstanding basketball teams over the years. A couple of those teams were the Detroit Pistons when they won back to back championships, and the other is the original USA Dream Team.

Along with coaching on some outstanding teams, he has also been able to coach and develop some excellent basketball players. All of this has allowed him to be considered one of the experts in the game of basketball today. These basketball coaching clinic notes are from when he spoke at the 2013 Coaching U basketball clinic.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Brendan Suhr Coaching U: Ethics and Integrity in Coaching

Who is your favorite coach?

  • Could and should be the most influential person in your life
  • What made them extraordinary?

Prepare – give them the knowledge to succeed

Coaching is stealing/sharing

Crisis of character in coaching/ no baseline criteria for coaches at this time

You learn from who coached you….who did they learn from????

  • What was acceptable in the past is not acceptable now

Book – Inside Out Coaching

  • Transformational vs. transactional coaches
  • Transformational teach players how to grow up and be men and women

What are the characteristics of our profession?

  • Honesty/integrity 2 most important parts of leadership
  • Goes both ways
  • Do we love our players?
    • It has to be unconditional
    • Love them all the same
  • Caring for them
    • Must be all the time

Embrace the mistakes/ teach them how not to make the mistake

Safety – players must feel safe at all times

“I” brand – you do something wrong, your brand is ruined

Can’t yell and scream in a demeaning way

  • Shout praise, whisper criticism
  • We can’t win without the players

5 Questions to ask yourself

  • Why do I coach?
  • What is coaching?
  • Why do I coach the way I coach?
  • How do you think it feels to be coached by me?
  • Would I want to play for myself?

Must be a truth-teller to your boss (respectfully)

Need to create buy-in

  • Players must believe it and in you
  • Can’t do this without great relationships
  • Must reach into your player’s heads and hearts

As the leader goes, so goes the team

What is your basketball coaching philosophy toward your players?

What is your team culture?

Don’t let anyone stop you from being extraordinary


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