Brendan Suhr Coaching U Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Brendan Suhr Coaching U 2014 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


These basketball coaching clinic notes are from the 2104 Coaching U Clinic in Indianapolis and were taken by Jacob Collins. Brendan Suhr is the speaker and will be talking about some of the things that he learned while coaching in the NBA and how they can be applied to the high school level. Coach Suhr was a part of the Detroit Pistons in the “Bad Boy” era and has two NBA championships as an assistant coach. He is also a co-founder of Coaching U.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Brendan Suhr: Idea’s I Have Used in the NBA Applicable to High School
  • The most important thing is the player and coach relationship
      • Best NBA coaches do this better than anyone else
    • Have a Partnership with their players
    • Parent away from home
  • Practice
    • Hubie—Exactly 2 hours—strict time creates a bond with players
    • Riles in NY—marathon practices—wanted to outwork everyone
    • Chuck Daly—Training Camp was 1.5-2 hrs.
      • Practice throughout the season (45-75 mins.)
  • Meetings
    • Thinks that meetings can screw things up
      • Don’t have negative film sessions
      • External ADD—outside influences
        • Hard to keep kids focused
    • Doc Rivers film sessions—13 clips
      • Approx.—2 transitions, tip 4-5 plays, 1-2 Slob, 1-2 BLOB
      • Give them a handout of scouting
      • Encourages them to learn when it’s best for them
      • 2800 “meetings” for NBA coaches (timeouts)
        • Quick switches/a lot of pressure
      • Only meetings you need to hate
  • Communicate effectively
    • Talk in sound bites—effectively get your message across
      • Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to say
    • What do you do postgame after a loss?
    • Chuck Daly—Twice a year talked about how disappointed he was
      • Rest of the time-mainly nothing
      • Needed to watch the tape and see what went wrong
    • Don’t let your ego and pride get in the way of relationships

  • Execution
    • 2 ways
      • Teach & teach properly
      • Practice
    • Preparation!!!
  • Belief System
    • Have to believe in things and stand for something
    • Starts buy in=belief
      • They have to believe in you before they buy-in
    • Dalyism—“When you teach a basketball play, make sure it’s going to work.”
      • Run the play for the right guy
    • Offensive style of play
    • Can you compete with the best in your league with your offense?
      • Will the style be successful in the playoffs?
    • Chuck Daly—1) Defense and 2) Rebounding (his focus)
    • Questions for offense
      • Do I want to fastbreak? How am I going to teach it?
      • What style do I want to play? Motion? Passing game? PnR? Sets? DDM? Continuity?
      • Do you have quick hitters for best scorers and shooters?
      • Do I have “crunch-time” plays? Counters?
      • What zone offense am I going to run? Need to have several zone basketball plays.
      • Do you have multiple press offenses? Have multiple for different sections?
      • Special situations?
    • Questions on defense (M2M)
      • How will you guard the ball? How do you defend
      • PnR (wing/middle/elbow/angle)? –suggests downing PnR
      • How do you defend the post? Front? Three quarter? Trap?
      • Don’t let others run what you want to run
    • Defensively (zone)
      • Break up the tempo by switching defense
      • Trap? Which zone?
    • Jordan Rules (defending other teams best player)
      • *Make other players beat you
      • Give your kids a chance to win
  • Other questions about the program
    • How do you handle discipline? (MUST BE CONSISTENT)
      • Coach K—Standards, few rules
      • Standard—Be on time/No excuses
    • Jay Bilas—“You have to have a vision on how to handle crisis.”
  • Your players must get an “A” in your class
    • Whatever you teach—must be clear and precise, and THEY MUST GET IT


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  1. On questions of defence what do you mean by..’Don’t let others run what you want to run?’

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