Brendan Suhr Coaching U Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Brendan Suhr Coaching U 2010 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


This set of basketball coaching clinic notes was taken by Lason Perkins, who attended the 2010 Coaching U basketball clinic. The speaker is coach Brendan Suhr who is very well known in the basketball coaching industry. had this to say about him, “Brendan Suhr is one of the game’s most-respected figures as a coach and executive; he is also a two-time NBA Champion.” Notes were taken by Lason Perkins.

Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


2-2-1 Defense

  • Hubie Brown: Second-team played 2-2-1 trap. Got them engaged, felt valuable.
  • SOB/BOB are like special teams. Place emphasis on them.
  • 2-2-1: Can deny, trap, and match up.
  • No traps in the frontcourt.
  • No layups.
  • On middle penetration, X2 will run and jump.
  • Same concepts as Pitino match-up press.
  • “Black Out”: X1 and X2 faceguard and deny. Good to get into after layup.


2-3 Zone (Syracuse)

  • X1 picks up the ball and forces it to a side.
  • X2 yells, “Bump,” sends X3 back.
  • X1 sprints to the ball side elbow.
  • X5 fronts.
  • Bumping is the zone version of closing out.
  • Anytime the ball goes over the forward’s head: trap it.
  • Chuck Daley’s best basketball drill: Controlled scrimmage, the first team to score twice wins.


Jordan Rules

  • Ball on the wing: Force to the middle, trap with the nearest player.
  • Ball in the middle: Force left, trap with the closest player.
  • Trap all PNRs. Make him a passer.
  • Trap him in the post from the top.
  • Can also run 3-2 zone and trap star wherever he/she catches the ball.

Offensive Ideas

  • Double Drag (either half-court or off break): Pick and sprint to the rim. Best shooter pops.
  • Set the screen on pro lane extended, as high as needed.  Put 4 in the corner to eliminate help.
  • On PNR: Who has the ball? Who is setting the pick? What angle is the pick?
  • To be a good offensive coach: Know defensive actions.
  • Can run from stack set or 1-2-2, once the ball is on the wing and reversed, can run double exit action or have 1 screen.


Career Development

  • Just because you have a title does not make you a leader. At the same time, you do not need a title to be a leader.
  • Leaders define reality.
  • Create hope and optimism.
  • Inspire, influence, encourage.
  • It’s about your relationships. Listen to your players.
  • You don’t get a job with a resume; you get a job from your relationships.
  • Managing: Putting talent together.
  • Lots of talent evaluation.
  • Personnel decisions are usually 50/50.
  • You are a brand.
  • Build trust.
  • Innovate.
  • Does your talent let you take them where they can’t take themselves?
  • Brendan always asks two questions to players and coaches he works with:
  • Are you coachable?
  • May I tell you the truth?


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