Earl Grant Rising Coaches Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Earl Grant Rising Coaches 2010 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Earl Grant is an assistant men’s basketball coach at Clemson University, and he has been there since 2010. Before that, he coached with Greg Marshall at Wichita State. He is a great college basketball recruiter and has been fortunate to learn from one of the best college basketball coaches in the game today. These basketball coaching clinic notes were taken from the Rising Coaches Conference in 2010.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


You never know who is watching you & paying attention.

  • How do you treat people?
  • Your presentation is essential/crucial.
  • This is a profession; we are professionals.

We need to learn how to grind.

  • You are going to get told “no” a lot, get used to hearing it, but never settle for it.

Keys to getting jobs: meet with your assistants and bust your butt for them.

  • They are always watching you!
  • Work for people who let you grow as a person and coach.

Look for loyal people, good people, and hard workers to associate yourself with. This is a “people’s business”- network!

Learned from Greg Marshall:

  • hold people accountable for little things.
  • Coach Marshall insisted that his assistants blow the whistle and coach in practice.
  • Have an acute attention to detail.

How can you make the next jump?

  • You will be surprised with who is watching you.
  • More people can hurt you than can help you.
  • The best way to move up is to get your Head Coach (HC) an extension by winning.
  • Work hard and don’t spend time looking for jobs; just work hard!

Connect the dots with recruits

  • Who deals with that recruit the most.
  • Get to know everyone associated with the recruit.
  • Put a fence around a kid and know who surrounds him.
  • Get information and USE that information.
  • Start early on kids because it takes time.
  • Initiate conversations with your relationships.

When recruiting at AAU tournaments, watch the games.  There is a time (night) to socialize with your peers.


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