Fran Fraschilla Coaching U Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Fran Fraschilla Coaching U 2010 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


These basketball coaching clinic notes are from Coach Larson Perkins, who personally attended the 2010 Coaching U Basketball Clinic. The speaker Fran Fraschilla has coached at several different collegiate basketball programs. They include Manhattan College, St. John’s University, and the University of New Mexico. He is most commonly known now as a basketball commentator and analyst for ESPN. Coach Fraschilla has a great basketball mind and is respected around the country and worldwide in the basketball community. Notes were taken by Larson Perkins.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


  • Give shooter 2 directions to choose from.
  • Start preparing for a shot clock at all levels.

Practice Organization



Notes Cont.

  • Prepare practice as if (name a famous coach) were coming to watch you.
  • Show your players that you are organized.
  • Rehearse your defense in 3 man drills
  • Evaluate your basketball drills with your staff.
  • Do your drills fit into your basketball coaching philosophy?
  • Make pressure situation decisions in non-pressure situations (pre-season staff meetings).
  • Practice pre-game warm-up and time out organization.
  • Do you have a comeback game?  Know who, when, how to foul.
  • What is your halftime organization?
  • Do you have a small lineup offense?
  • Emphasize shot fake as well as rip and go on offense.
  • Triangle/2 vs. DDM (Tim Floyd).
  • If passer throws to inside shoulder – 0pen. If passer throws to outside shoulder – not open.


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