Jack Murphy NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Jack Murphy NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes 2013


Jack Murphy is the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Northern Arizona. Coach Murphy is in his second year with the team (13-14) and is working to establish the Lumberjacks on the map again. Before becoming the head coach at NAU, Jack was on the coaching staff at Memphis University under Josh Pastner. These basketball coaching clinic notes are from when Jack Murphy spoke at the 2013 NAU coaching clinic. 


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


3-2 (1-2-2 Set)

  • The top man is the “Yo-Yo” man (Athletic, covers ground, active, good instincts)
    • Ideal 3 was Luke Walton when at U of A (Could front well)
  • Man on the ball is the only person guarding 1 – all others guarding multiple
  • Practices with 7 on 5
  • Yo-yo going top of the key to block –fronts post when the ball is in the corner (Post
  • plays behind to form “bracket”
    • Yo-yo must be in front to stop baseline drive
    • Wing must slide down and have a hand in the lane to take away dump down from baseline drive
  • Break down with 3 guards
  • Breakdown with yo-yo and 2 posts
  • Anytime there is a skip pass from the corner to the top, weak side guard becomes yo-yo, and original yo-yo veers back to take the weakside guard spot
  • Defends well against ball screens (Recommends ball screening vs. 2-3 zones)
    • Set up to defend outer 1/3
  • Outer 1/3 they down every ball screen (force to yo-yo man, low big would take corner)
  • Middle 1/3 – can’t get beat between elbows
  • Outer 1/3 – can’t get beat between elbow and block
  • Middle POB defense is critical (Guards over top/bigs straight line at the level of the screen, fan out)
    • Bigs must attack in straight-line ball handler coming off to force him to the outer 1/3 (Must be ready to slide)
  • Teams will try to attack the middle on offense
  • Must guard flash!
  • Off guards must have inside hands up – force ball to the wing (No catches at FT line)

To beat 3-2:

  • Patient offensive teams will want to take advantage of the switch on the yo-yo.
  • Middle POBs
  • Flashes to Middle


Additional Thoughts

  • Must be a great stunting team – guards and bigs work on stunting all the time!
  • Best rebounding opportunities on the weak side
  • The more athletes you have, the more you can send to the glass



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