Jim Fox Rising Coaches Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Jim Fox Rising Coaches 2010 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Jim Fox is a part of the Davidson College men’s basketball coaching staff. He is the associate head coach and is going into his 12th season (2012-2013) with the Wildcats. Coach Fox has helped Davidson achieve many team goals, one of which is making Davidson into a household name. In this time there they have been to 7 post-season tournaments. Here are the basketball coaching clinic notes from when he spoke at the 2010 Rising Coaches Clinic.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


You need to want to be a Head Coach.

  • Is your HC preparing you to be a HC yourself?
  • You need to wear different hats to have a well-rounded perspective and have a well-rounded set of abilities.

Be loyal- it’s the most important thing.

  • Don’t have one foot in the door and one foot out of it.
  • This is a cut-throat business, but we don’t have to be.

Be trustworthy.

  • If you make a mistake, own up to it and learn.

Be competent – know your stuff & get better at it.

  • Always be learning from peers and other programs.
  • Players will see right through you if you are not competent.
  • Seek out opportunities to get better.
  • Gather information constantly.

Be reliable, be detailed.

  • Be organized!
  • Sloppiness is a disease.

HC’s want Finishers.

  • Follow up and be a finisher.
  • We are in a results-based business.


  • It’s not about who you know- it’s about who knows you!
  • Be respectful- you don’t know it all.
  • “Conversation is your personal advertisement.”
  • The relationships you develop will set you apart.
  • Prepare yourself a day before for all your calls, texts, and emails.
  • Be aggressive.
  • Never be content.
  • We are not irreplaceable.


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