Kevin Eastman Coaching U Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Kevin Eastman Coaching U 2014 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


These basketball coaching clinic notes are from when Kevin Eastman spoke at the Coaching U Clinic in 2014. Coach Eastman is an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers and has been a part of Doc Rivers’s coaching staff for years. He is also one of the co-founders of Coaching U. The notes were taken by Jacob Collins.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

  • Concept of money and coaching.
    • “The money will find you if you are good.”
    • “It’s not how much; it’s who.”
  • Networking vs. Relationships.
    • Networking is just a number.
    • Relationships are built over time.
      • He spends one-year giving information to someone before asking for something in return.
  • Players that challenge something.
    • “It’s not about you being right all the time; it’s about us getting it right all the time.”—Doc
  • 3 sets for development.
    • Skillset.
    • Mindset.
    • Reset—self-evaluation.
  • Jim Rohn.
    • “Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”
    • “Failure is a few errors repeated every day.”
    • “Earn your leadership every day.”

  • “When times are tough, leadership is about responsibility, not invisibility.”— Keven Eastman
  • 3 things you will have.
    • Setbacks.
    • Obstacles.
    • Failures.
  • 3 things you will be.
    • Challenged from the inside and out.
    • Critiqued from the inside and out.
    • Criticized from the inside and out.
  • Is your basketball coaching philosophy strong enough to withstand failure? Pressure?
  • Roles.
    • What we are asking you to do.
    • Value of its (the role) place on the team.
      • Be an All-Star in your role.
      • It’s so important it’s what we need you to do for us to win the Championship.
      • The value you bring.
  • Body language—the only window to what we think you’re thinking.
  • Ask your players—“How come you get pissed when you miss a shot, but not when your guy scores on you?”—Doc
  • “Your reputation is at stake: are you a competitor or a showman?”—Doc
  • Don’t let the tone of the message keep you from getting the meaning of the message.
  • The best team sees the game the way the coach sees the game.
  • Leadership is a battle for “mind space.”
    • Also, a battle for the heart.
    • The best way to the mind is through the heart.
  • 3 musts of coaching.
    • Put out fires.
    • Put gas in their tank.
    • Refocus their lens.
  • There are no longer problems—there are challenges and competitions
  • Docism’s.
    • “Winning teams are clutter-free.”
    • “Guys, we will not win until you drop the wall and let me in.”
    • “He who angers you; owns you.”
  • Do things for each other, not to each other.
  • Must enforce the emphasis.
  • “Each game I only have so many bullets.”—Doc
  • If players feel you’re only interested in wins, they won’t fight for you.
  • In your system, can you break the rhythm of the other team?
  • Immature players—deal with them or constantly be pissed.
    • Can you coach the talented player?
  • Confidence is contagious.
  • Weakness is exposed by the top 6 teams.
  • Each new season is about the players you have, not the ones you lose.
  • “Champions get punched too.”—Doc
  • Never compromise your team’s culture.
    • Must confront a breach in your culture immediately.
  • How many “tell the truth,” guys do you have on your team?
  • Assistants—90% evaluation, 10% emotion.
  • The basketball drills you do in practice should show up in the game.
  • Players want to win on their terms.


Clipper Situation

  • Got through it because of Doc.
    • Great coaches start before they start.
  • The truth will only be heard if a relationship has been built.
  • 4 key relationships on a championship team.
    • Players have to like, trust, and respect players.
    • Players have to like, trust, and respect coaches.
    • Coaches have to like, trust, and respect players.
    • Coaches have to like, trust, and respect coaches.
      • Some guys don’t buy-in they give-in.
        • It has to be ALL buy-in.


The Power of Words

  • 7 critical statements made in a 72 hour period of the Clipper situation.
    • Value of words chosen wisely.
  • 1st thing he said to the workers when he took VP, “My title does not mean that I know it all.”
    • No more turfs; there is just one turf.
      • One-shoulder—piss poor organization.
      • Open shoulders—inviting.
  • Change.
    • Have to make it work while you see if it works.
    • Not about me; it’s about us.
  • Trust needs 3 things.
    • Time.
    • Consistency.
    • Proof.
  • 3 things of truth.
    • Live it.
    • Tell it.
    • Take it.
  • 3 things to improve right away—CEO.
    • Communication.
    • Efficiency.
    • Organization.
  • Communication.
    • Keep people in the loop.
    • Never put someone in a situation that they look dumb.
    • Talk to people, not at them.
    • No whisperers (kills team).
  • 4 C’s of culture.
    • Character.
    • Class.
    • Commitment.
    • Communication.
  • Not fear we should worry about, it’s danger. Danger is real; fear is a choice.
    • If you fear failure, put equal fear to never trying.
  • Made seven index cards and gave them to Clippers staffers and said put these in order of importance
    • Group of 4—order = Players, staff, employees, fans.
    • Group of 3—order = championships, 1st class reputation, revenue.
    • Most important things = players and championships.
      • About PLAYERS and winning CHAMPIONSHIPS.
  • Team = visible ingredient of success.
  • Coaches = invisible ingredient of success.
  • Once he took over as VP of Clippers, he did these things.
    • Not spending money on average.
    • Not restricting new ideas.
    • Not living in fear.
  • When it hits the fan, the first thing you have to do is turn the fan off.
  • 4 core beliefs.
    • Every decision is based on right vs. wrong.
    • Care and concern for others.
    • Total honesty.
    • Do your job.
  • The truth never allows us to question what we said.
  • Truth stands the test of time and inquiry.


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  1. I am always amazed at how simple and direct Kevin Eastman makes his statements and quotes. Profound simplicity at its best!

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