Lawrence Frank Coaching U Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Lawrence Frank Coaching U 2014 Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Lawrence Frank is part of the Brooklyn Nets coaching staff currently; However, he has held multiple coaching positions in the NBA throughout his career, including multiple head coaching stints (New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons). Coach Frank is considered a great basketball mind in today’s game. These basketball coaching clinic notes are from when he spoke at the 2014 Coaching U Clinic. Notes were taken by Jacob Collins.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Breakdown Offenses – The Play After the Play

“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion; you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard.”—Navy Seals

“Play the game principles.”

-Principles and concepts of playing.

-Do your players know your Offensive and Defensive Musts?


Offensive Musts
  1. Attack.
  2. Play with pace at a high energy level.
  3. Move the ball unselfishly and make quick decisions.
  4. Value the ball.
  5. Execution—be committed to making the plan work.


-What do you stand for?

-What you want offensively is what you want to stop on defense.

– Shoot your shot.

-Write your basketball coaching philosophy down.


-Quick Strike (1st 6 seconds—primary break).

-“Play the game.”

-Speed game—off made baskets—spring into quick set off makes.

-Specific sets—primary scorers to get shots in their spots.

-End of offense mentality.

-Play the game principles.


Big catches above FT line is called “Big Above.”
  1. Shot/Drive.
  2. Look inside.
  3. Move the ball.

9 things the “Big Above” can do

  1. Pass and follow.
  2. Pass back and follow.
  3. DHO.
  4. DHO back.
  5. Pass pick away.
  6. Pass back pick away.
  7. Pass and cut to open post.
  8. Pass and show your hands.
  9. Pass back and show your hands.


Offensive alignments

-Power = 3-out, 2-in.

-Spread = 4 out w/post Ball side.

-Open = 4 out w/post weakside.

-Strong= Strongside triangle w/opposite post at the top of the key and opposite wing in the corner.


Duck in move—lock the back foot.

– Study the nuances of the great player.



4 S’s in PnR (Ballhandler)
  1. Starting point.
  2. Set-up—must be a threat to beat the defender away.
  3. Separation.
  4. Score.


5 S’s in PnR (Screener)

1) Starting point.

2) Spring.

3) Screening Angle.

4) Separation = Score.


The goal of PnR defense

-Neither the ball handler nor the 1st pass gets a shot.


PnR Ball Handler Options
  1. Reject.
  2. 2 attack dribbles.
  3. Reverse pivot.
  4. Hook pass.
  5. Step back and overhead.

-Anytime slot to corner = slot cut (shoot or pass quickly and cut through to weak side).

– Drag—PnR in transition.

– If teams down a ball screen, make the PnR higher and wider.


  1. Spin and go off.
  2. Playing in a window (Post-half dive) Passer do not wind up—quick pass!
  3. Change angle/step-up into crossover split.
  4. Pop into DHO.


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