Lewis Preston Basketball Clinic Video

This basketball clinic video will feature Lewis Preston, the head men’s basketball coach at Kennesaw State University. Coach Preston is in his third season (13-14) with the owls and is in the process of developing a quality basketball program. Before receiving the head coaching job at KSU, he was an assistant coach at Penn State (3 years), Florida (2 years), and Notre Dame (6 years). Along with coaching basketball, Preston has played professionally over in Europe as well.

Having played the post position at a high level, coach Preston has a unique learning experience that not many other coaches have when coaching post play. This Lewis Preston basketball clinic video is going to cover developing your post players the right way. It will give you some great teaching points for your bigs and some great drills that you can use to help develop the different needed skills to play the position.

After finishing this video, make sure that you head over to our basketball post move drills section to see some great drills on finishing in the post and around the basket.


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  1. Coach put on a clinic! He was able to communicate effectively, keep it simple and give some outstanding drills and coaching tips for post players. One of the BEST post clinics I have seen in thirty years!

  2. Very good clinic I think, I’m from Dakar Senegal and I am very
    impressed ! Thanks for the clinic !

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