Mike Jarvis on 40 Years in the Game of Basketball

Mike Jarvis on 40 Years in the Game of Basketball


Mike Jarvis is the head men’s basketball coach at Florida Atlantic University. Before joining the owls, coach Jarvis coached on several different teams with some excellent basketball coaches. Some of those coaches include Red Auerbach, Jim Calhoun, and Tom Sanders. All of these legendary coaches helped him learn, grow, and form his basketball coaching philosophy. Along with learning under some really great coaches, he was also able to coach some really talented players, the most notable being Patrick Ewing.

Coach Jarvis has been a head coach at four different schools, Boston University, George Washington University, St. John’s University, and Florida Atlantic University (current location). These coaching jobs have helped Mike grow as a coach and learn more about the game of basketball. He is still learning, growing, and developing his basketball knowledge, just as any good coach should do.

Here is the basketball coaching clinic video from when he spoke at the Basketball HQ Clinic in 2012. Coach Jarvis talked about some of his life and 40 plus years of basketball coaching experiences and also covered some of his personal basketball coaching philosophy. Any coach that has been around the game of basketball as long as Mike Jarvis is worth a listen when they speak.


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