Mike Rhoades & Gorden Chiesa Coaching U Clinic Notes

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Gordon Chiesa was a longtime NBA assistant coach for the Utah Jazz under Jerry Sloan (89-90 to 04-05). While he was with the Jazz, he was primarily in charge of the Jazz’s offensive skill development and game prep for upcoming opponents. During this time, he worked with players like Karl Malone and John Stockton and helped them with their skill development. Along with working for the Jazz, coach Chiesa has worked with the Seattle Supersonics (currently the OKC Thunder) and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Mike Rhoades is a part of the VCU coaching staff under head coach Shaka Smart. This program has had some major success in the last few years, especially during March and the NCAA Tournament. Before joining the VCU coaching staff, Mike was the head coach at Division III college Randolph-Macon. He started as an assistant coach there but eventually took over as the head coach and received multiple coach of the year honors in his time there.

These basketball coaching clinic notes were a team coaching effort by Gordon Chiesa and Mike Rhodes, and it is going to cover the DNA of a winning program. Both coaches have years of basketball coaching experience at different levels and also have a record of being a winning coach. So it makes sense to listen when they are speaking about what goes into building a winning program.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


    • Are you an instinctive team or a system team?

      • Want to be able to do both – play instinctively within a system

    • Get better at fundamentals and execution every day

    • Execution is a culture, and it is learned

    • Playing hard team defense is a learned culture

  • Running, cutting, screening is learned

  • Passing on time is learned

  • Without hurt feelings, you will get mixed results

  • Your voice is your choice – cant get it back

    • Check your head before you speak

  • Have an identity as a coach must always get better

  • VCU philosophy – competitive and hardworking as we can be

  • Keep understanding how young people think

  • Great basketball coaches master

    • Teaching skills without overtalking; if you overteach the players resent you

    • Organizational skills

    • Communication skills – talk with them, not at them

    • Motivational skills

    • Game crisis skills

  • Great coaches are world-class listeners

  • Coaches judged in the last 3 minutes

  • Great teams have a high level of intelligence, intensity, and late-game poise

  • Great teachers are wired in about player development

  • Shaka – greatest strength is the amount of time they spend with the players

    • Makes the player see you differently than on the floor

  • Winning players go after loose balls at full speed

  • Sloan

    • The discipline of play – upbeat

  • Teach players the game in real-time, not too far ahead or behind, play in the moment with true confidence


    • Play fast

    • Work fast

    • Comfortable for us, uncomfortable for everyone else

  • The separator of great coaches – great coaches get players to play hard all of the time

  • Be intense but not crazed

  • Once you accept your role, your role always expands

  • 3 keys to winning on the road

    • Limit live to’s

    • Develop consistent 3rd scorer

    • Bench pts, reb, deflections, dagger 3’s

  • Winning is a game of aggression and poise

  • Who is your comeback team?/ pressing team?

  • Must have a measurement in your basketball workouts with a proper plan

  • OT in practice – take the player that made the shot to send to OT and put them on the other team

    • Do they play forward or backward?

  • Good to great

    • Need a plan

    • Do players know what to do and how to execute it

  • Don’t shoot angry in a game, shoot with team rhythm

  • Shoot with your head on straight

  • Practice finishing organized off-balance – tony parker

    • The better the defense is, the less you will be on balance

  • Help the helper

  • Bigs in correct pick and roll coverage win the respect of their teammates

  • “Its always cloudy in the gym”

  • Expect the unexpected


    • Tell what you can give and what you will provide the school

  • Ask people who’ve been there before

  • Mock interview – never know what will be there

  • Presentation on how you will play

  • Know the school

  • Leave the committee with 4 or 5 words that define you at the end of the interview


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