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As a basketball player or a coach, you are always looking for ways to gain an edge on the competition and improve yourself. However, you see products out there that work on all different areas of the game and come with guarantees, sometimes big and sometimes small, and it becomes hard to tell what products are actually going to help you or what products are a waste of time and money.

That is why when our Basketball HQ team comes across a great product, we want to help share it with our community of basketball players, coaches, trainers, and parents. If we come across a product that we believe will help you gain that edge, we want to help bring it into the light.

We believe that the Physiclo resistance tights are one of these great basketball products that need to be brought into the light and shared. That is why we did a personal product review on this product. So please read our review and see if this would be a product that would benefit you. And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment them below.


Why Use Resistance?

It is important that we first talk about why resistance training is essential. Once we get that down, then we can talk about why Physiclo tights are a great choice. The goal of using resistance to train is to get your body to put out more effort than it usually would without resistance.

If you can get your body to maximize its effort with resistance bands or, in this case, resistance tights, then when you remove that resistance, you become that much more explosive because your body still believes it needs to put out the same amount of effort as when there was resistance.

In a sense, you are tricking your body into working harder than it needs to, and that is what helps you become more explosive.


Why Physiclo Tights?

There are a lot of great basketball drills and exercises that you can do with a resistance band, and we encourage the use of them. However, they are still somewhat restricted and limited in what they can do with different basketball-specific movements. With the Physiclo resistance tights, you can execute every move you would make in a game or drill while wearing the resistance tights.

During workouts, you can train with the tights on and work on everything you would normally work on in a workout, and the whole time you will also be developing your explosiveness, quickness, and speed.




At first, when I put the tights on, they were pretty tight and constricting. So I was nervous to see how they would feel when I was actually training. As I went through my workout, though, they ended up being very comfortable. Obviously, there is the resistance factor, but they did not restrict my movements outside of what they were supposed to do with the resistance.



If you are looking to improve your explosiveness, quickness, etc. (which every player should be doing), I would recommend the Physiclo resistance tights. Some of the drills that I would recommend using this product with is first-step quickness drills and lateral quickness drills. Here are a few examples of drills.

They come in at $95 for the shorts and $125 for the pants. Their site provides a much better explanation of the exact science behind the tights, so I am not going to try and get into that, but please click the link below and check out their great product and get a pair of resistance tights of your own.


Find Out More: Physiclo Resistance Tights



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