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Scoring Out of the Triple Threat in Basketball

Scoring Out of the Triple Threat in Basketball


Being able to score out of the triple threat in basketball accomplishes two important things. One, it allows you to make an offensive move past your defender, and second, it keeps your defender from getting up and pressuring you. Here is a quick explanation for those who are not quite sure what the triple threat is. When you catch the ball, you want to be a threat to shoot the basketball, dribble the basketball, or pass the basketball.

This keeps your defender on their heels and gives you, as the offensive player, the advantage. After you establish this triple threat position, you need to read the defender and make the right move out of it. This basketball article for players will talk about some of the scoring moves out of the triple threat and how to read your defender. The first thing you need to do is instill the idea of getting into triple threat position every time you catch the ball.


Triple Threat Discipline

Too many times, players catch the ball standing straight up and down. If you are playing against a bad defensive team or are simply better than the person guarding you, this might not be a big deal. However, if someone is pressuring you, it can be the difference between a turnover and running your offense. You can create space between you in your defender by ripping the ball through or jabbing at your defender.


Creating Space

When you rip the ball through, make sure that you go hip to hip and keep a strong grip on the ball. If you rip the ball through and drive past your defender a couple of times and make a good play for yourself or a teammate, the defender will give you space for the rest of the game because he doesn’t want to get beat again. Use the defender’s pressure against him and exploit him. The best way to do this is with jab steps, rip throughs, shot fakes, etc. Don’t let the defender dictate how he is going to guard you.


Read the Defender

Once you have developed the space to make your move on the defender, he/she is now at your mercy. All you have to do now is read the defender and make the right move. To be able to exploit the defender, you have to be able to score in multiple ways. If you can only drive it, then the defender will just back up. If you are a good shooter but can’t dribble well, then the defender will pressure you. The Box Drill is a great way to develop all of your triple threat scoring moves.

Whether you are going to shoot, jab step shot, jab & go, shot fake & go, step across & go, etc., you need to learn all of the different moves. It will take time to learn the footwork, but using basketball drills like these to master the different moves will make you a more fluid scorer and keep the defender at your mercy.


Sell Your Moves

After you have learned the footwork for the different moves and can execute the moves the right way, you need to practice against a live defender. Being able to read the defense is key when trying to score out of the triple threat. You must sell your move and then counter what the defense does in a small window of time.

If you shot fake and the defender bites, you don’t have time to reset; you need to be driving the ball past him while he is in the air. Don’t hesitate with your moves and be efficient with your dribbles. Put the ball down with purpose and go somewhere with every dribble. 1 on 1, 3 Chairs basketball drill is a great competition basketball drill for practicing your triple threat moves and learning how to read the defender.



Scoring Out of the Triple Threat in Basketball Conclusion

Being able to score effectively out of the triple threat takes time and a lot of practice. However, if you can dedicate the time to it and learn it the right way, it can be very effective. Even if you don’t score out of the triple threat, but make a move and draw a second defender, this will allow you to kick out and make a play for a teammate.

Watch Kobe Bryant’s moves and some of the other great players who can score out of the triple threat, and you will see just how valuable it can be. Put the time into learning the moves and selling your shot fake and jab step, and you will be tough to guard one on one.




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