Steve Spencer NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Steve Spencer NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Steve Spencer is the head coach at Orange Coast College and is in his 13th season with the team (2013-2014). Before becoming the head coach for the pirates, he was on the coaching staff at UCLA for 5 years under head coach Steve Lavin. These basketball coaching clinic notes are from the 2013 NAU coaching clinic, and they are going to talk about player development and basketball training.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


5 Parts to Player Development
  1. Weight room (Heavy ball pivots = lunges)
  2. Conditioning – every player should strive to get outstanding mile time
  3. Basketball conditioning workout
  4. Shooting workout – get reps
  5. Play – put work to use


Post Development
  • Doesn’t use pads – physical contact in workouts
  • All players must develop a go-to move and a counter
  • Work on the process! Footwork first, position, etc.
  • Post up – once w/ ball, check middle w/ “chin on shoulder”
  • On the hook shot – get inside shoulder leaning to basket
  • He has players practice hook, baby hook by using the opposite hand to “block shot”
  • Guards need a hook too!
  • Work on different releases 12, 1, 2 o’clock & 12, 11, 10 o’clock
  • Post up with small, choppy steps
  • Post with “field goal post arms” – strong, wide, and aggressive
  • Posts must catch and “pop” ball – elbows out, butt to defender’s knee
  • Straddle second hash
  • Front pivot middle:
    • Shoulders to hips – Get lower!
    • Feet pointing to where you want to go
  • Quick spin = quick front pivot baseline
  • Must go somewhere with dribble – no wasted dribbles

Additional Player Development Notes
  • In drills, make players protect the ball
  • “Don’t do drills, play basketball” – Meaning, basketball drills need to be live working on playing the game. For example – When you rebound, protect the ball
  • Footwork – Best players in the world have the best footwork – Teach it, work on it!
  • Rebounding – “Pop” ball, chin, and have your chin to your shoulder before you land. Improves vision of outlet
  • On curls:
    • Get inside shoulder to the hip of the screener
    • Inside foot – big tight step around the screener
  • Teach players with contact – form them like “Play-doh”
  • Everyone needs a hook! Coaches too!
  • When the defender’s hands are down, = Offense go “shoulder to shoulder”
  • When the defender’s hands are up, = Offense go “shoulders to hip”
  • Players need a stutter step! Herky jerky shoulders and feet – get a rhythm
  • Contact builds trust w/ players
  • Shooting (see Paul Hoover):
    • Feet not pointed directly to rim
    • Pinch index to thumb = straight follow-through
    • “Foul self with guide hand” (Reggie Miller) = Takes care of thumb
  • Tough drill:
    • The player starts with the ball at FT line facing full court
    • Coach yells, go and counts down 3, 2, 1
    • After the shot, the player must zig-zag D-Slide back until the coach yells go.
    • Player sprints after ball
    • Once he picks it up, coach counts down 4, 3, 2, 1 – Player sprinting to
    • Drill continues 2-3 times
    • Ends with FTs
  • Refers to it as “Human” development; it’s more than about developing kids just as players


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