Tim Grgurich NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Tim Grgurich NAU Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Tim Grgurich is a longtime NBA assistant basketball coach that has worked with multiple different NBA teams in different roles. He is considered a key contributor to modern-day skill development in the NBA. Along with coaching in the NBA, Tim has coached at the college level. He coached at UNLV with Jerry Tarkanian and was able to help develop players like Larry Johnson and Stacy Augmon.

These basketball coaching clinic notes are from the 2013 NAU coaching clinic and will primarily cover defensive strategy. In coaching, it is always important to continue to learn and grow, and a great way to do that is by learning from other great coaches like Tim Grgurich.


Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes


Tim Grgurich Quotes

“If you can’t teach, you can’t coach”

“Must become a teacher before you become a coach.”

“Cut to score, cut hard”

“Everyone wants to dribble now; we have forgotten the pass. Passing teams win championships.”

“Expect the unexpected”

“Must build trust with your players


Transition Offense

• PGs stay off the sidelines when pushing the ball up the court, gives you room to go right or left

• When you have wings that run wide and get down court, Bigs can help put a lot of pressure on Defense when they “rim run,” causing the defense to collapse

Building your Defense

• Bigs must be your communicators on defense – They see EVERYTHING!

• “Protect close out man” – help-side be ready to react and protect; closeouts are tough

• Teams must be great at transitioning into their defense (Talking, pointing, sprinting, communicating, getting to stances)

• To be a good defensive coach, you must have more energy than the players every day


Defending Ball Screens

• For bigs to be successful in POB Defensive schemes such as Show, Trap, Switch, they MUST stay attached to their man

• Big MUST put CHEST to the man with the ball

• In a Side Pick and Roll with Loaded Corner: Guard in the corner must tag post rolling to rim early so he can recover to his man spacing up for 3

• Drags in Transition are the hardest to guard – Bigs can slip to score, screen for shooters, pick and pop very

• Post defending drag must push up on screener allowing space for his guard to get under quickly to recover effectively when done well

• Staggered Drag screens hard to guard with 1) the first screener being a post that runs/rolls hard to rim. 2) the second screener is a good shooter that can pop

• Contact Show = Defender shows but stays attached with his man the whole time

• UNLV “levels” drags out, stops progress to the hoop – similar to corral


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