Children’s Basketball Drills

Children’s Basketball Drills


There is much debate among youth basketball coaches and parents on when a child should start skill development and what it should look like. This is an important time for players, and it can either foster a great love for the game of basketball or turn a player off completely. This youth basketball article will point out some great coaching tips that can be applied to children’s basketball drills and skill development at an early age.


At What Age Should Basketball Skill Development Start?

When is your child old enough to start doing basketball drills? This is an important question because if you start your child off too young, then you risk the chance of driving them away from the game because they see it as a chore and not fun.

On the other hand, if you are not doing basketball drills, then your child may miss out and be farther behind other kids their age. The answer is that they can start at any age, but there is a list of guidelines that need to be followed when starting your child’s basketball training.

If you are going to start your child early with basketball drills, make sure that the drills are fun for the child. Don’t make it a chore, but treat the drills as if they are a game. At this point in their young basketball careers, developing a love for the game is more important than dribbling a basketball like Chris Paul.


The Difficulty of Basketball Drills

Mix in the more difficult basketball drills with little basketball games that the child likes. Sacrifice what might be a short time growth in skill for a lifetime of improvement because he/she will develop a true love for the game of basketball.

When doing basketball shooting drills, don’t let your child shoot outside their strength. What I mean by this is if they have to throw the ball with all their strength and launch it from the hip, they are too far out. Get them a smaller ball, lower the hoop, and teach them the right basketball shooting form. Too many kids develop bad shooting form when they are little for the simple fact that they aren’t strong enough yet. The distance will come as they get older.

Individual Basketball Player Evaluation

Every child is different, and so is their skill level,  so it can be difficult when deciding on the right basketball drills. Choose a variety of different drills at several difficulties and just gauge where your child is at. If a basketball drill is too difficult and they can’t quite seem to get it, pick an easier one and let them work their way up to it.

This comes back to allowing your child to enjoy the game first and then developing that drive a little later on. You will work the hardest at the things you enjoy doing the most, which is the same for your child.


Basketball IQ

Start at an early age by explaining the game to your child. Just as it is easiest to learn a foreign language when you are young, developing and understanding the game of basketball at a young age will allow that child to understand the game so much better as they get older. Establish the building blocks that they will need as they get older and really get into the game of basketball.


Children’s Basketball Drills Conclusion

Help your child get better with children’s basketball drills but do it in the right structure, and the benefits will be there for a lifetime. Remember that basketball is a game, and when a kid is young, there needs to be pure enjoyment in the game itself for them to truly be motivated.


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