The Anatomy of a College Basketball Scholarship

Having played college basketball at the Division 1 level and then also coaching high school basketball at a high level, I have been able to talk to numerous players and coaches about the college recruiting process. The more I talk to people about the recruiting process, the more I realize that there is a lot of confusion about how it all works. So I decided to do some research and contact multiple college basketball coaches to find out exactly what all goes in the anatomy of a college basketball scholarship.

I have put all of the information together in an easy to read and understand graphic below. That way, every high school basketball player and basketball coach can better understand how it all works and give themselves the best chance to make it to college on a scholarship or send one of their players if they are a coach.


Anatomy of A College Basketball Scholarship_700px

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8 Responses

  1. OUTSTANDING!!!! This is an awesome yet simple way to explain how the recruiting process works. I will share it with many players both in high school and AAU, high school coaches and families who I help here in Ohio and Indiana. Please continue to share more recruiting ideas like this going forward. Maybe some sample videos of past players, college coaches and families who have been through the recruiting process.

  2. Nicely done! I’ve been sending this to every coach/player I know.

  3. Great article… I’d only add that many D3 schools offer generous academic or need based financial aid packages, and some offer grants for other criteria like leadership ability, community service, etc… too many parents discount D3 schools because they’re so afraid of the cost… and the truth is that many kids get D3 packages that almost match, match, or in some cases even exceed the scholarships at a D1 or a D2…

    Again, great article… I actually just retweeted it…

    Coach Pete
    Peter B. Schwethelm

  4. Im a father of 5 boys and rec league coach. This will be posted and shared immediately. It helps open the eyes of young prospects. Great job!!

  5. Great work. I wonder, have you done one with regards to the academic requirements? (especially for international athletes?)

    Coach Steer

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