Pull Ups Exercise

Pull Ups Exercise


This is a pretty basic bodyweight exercise to do, but the technique and form are where the player will get the real muscle and strength gains. It is important that the player knows the correct hand placement and is getting full extension on the exercise. This basketball workout video will go over both the pull-up and chin-up and teach the correct way to do the exercise.

One way this basketball exercise translates to the court is having a strong back for posting up or boxing out. If the player can keep their arms up and out to post up for the ball, they make a lot wider target for the player making the entry pass. Also, for boxing out, it will make a much larger object for the player being boxed out to try and get around. These are just two examples of this exercise, translating over to the floor.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Exercise Name: Pull-Ups Exercise

Equipment Needed: Pull up bar.


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Develop strength and muscle in the upper back and arms.


Coaching Points

  • Make sure that the hands are in the correct position, and go all the up and down.
  • You must get a full extension.
  • Keep a smooth motion, and try not to be jerky.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  1. Grab the bar with your hands facing away from you and just outside shoulder-width apart (Pull Up Position) or grab the bar with your palms facing towards you at shoulder width (Chin Up Position).
  2. Let your body hang all the way down.
  3. Now pull yourself up with your arms until your chin is up over the bar.
  4. Lower yourself back down to a hanging position.
  5. This completes one repetition.


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