Push Up Variations

Push Up Variations for Basketball Players


Most basketball players have heard of push-ups and have also done them. However, most people’s push up form is not very good. So this basketball exercise video will explain the correct push-up form to help achieve maximum muscle and strength growth. It will also explain some of the different types of push up variations that can be done and what muscles groups primarily focused on when doing that type of push up.

Push-ups are great because they can be done pretty much anywhere. That means that there is no excuse for not getting to the weight room to work out because they can be done anywhere. Also, they are a good tool to use as a consequence of losing a competition basketball drill. Push-ups are a good alternative to running because it saves the player’s legs, but is still a consequence.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Exercise Name: Push Up Variations

Equipment Needed: Resistance band and a place to hook the band.


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Develop upper body strength.


Coaching Points

  • Keep your core tight the whole time. Adjusting your hand positioning will determine what primary muscles are being worked on.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  1. Place your hands on the ground in the desired position for what type of push up you will do.
  2. Stretch your body out into a straight line so that only your hands and feet touch the ground.
  3. Now lower your chest to the ground and lightly touch it to the floor and then push yourself back up.
  4. This completes one repetition.


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