Resistance Band Hip Abduction Slide Exercise

Resistance Band Hip Abduction Slide Exercise


A big part of being able to move laterally from side to side quickly is having loose hips. If you are tight in your core and hip area, you won’t be able to get low in an athletic stance and push off in either direction to cut off the offensive player. This basketball exercise will work on opening up the hips and strengthening them so that the player can stay low in a defensive stance for a longer period of time.

The resistance band hip abduction slide exercise will resemble a defensive slide, but with a lot more exaggeration on the movements. With the resistance band, it will keep constant pressure on the muscles and really make them work. Along with this exercise being great for improving athleticism, it is also great for helping with injury prevention. It is a must add to your basketball training regimen.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Exercise Name: Resistance Band Hip Abduction Slide Exercise

Equipment Needed: A resistance band.


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Open up the hips and core area, as well as strengthen the legs.


Coaching Points

  • Exaggerate the defensive stance and sit lower than you normally would.
  • Don’t raise up out of the stance even if it starts to burn.
  • You may have to wrap the resistance band first before putting it on.
  • Keep the resistance band tight the entire time.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  1. Place a resistance band around your legs, either above or below the knees.
  2. Now drop down into a defensive stance (a little be exaggerated) and make sure that the resistance band is tight.
  3. Move your right foot out laterally 6-8, followed by your left foot (keep the band tight the whole time).
  4. Slide 8-10 steps to the right, and then slide back to the left, repeating the same motion.


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