Resistance Band Rip Through Exercise

Resistance Band Rip Through Exercise


A lot of younger basketball players struggle with being strong with the basketball in the triple threat position, even more with being able to rip through past a defender without losing the ball. This basketball exercise is going to specifically focus on learning to develop that strong core in the triple threat position and then learning to rip through to put the ball down past the defender and attack the basket.

The resistance band will train your body to be even more explosive than it normally would be by tricking it; here is how it works. Your body must compensate for the added resistance of the band and put out more energy and effort. When you take the band off, though, your body is still used to putting out the extra effort. However, there is not any resistance there anymore, so your body becomes quicker and more explosive. When you do your on-court basketball drills involving the rip through motion, make sure that you are being explosive and efficient with the movements you learned from this exercise.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Exercise Name: Resistance Band Rip Through Exercise

Equipment Needed: Resistance band and a place to hook the band.


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Develop a strong core and explosiveness out of the triple threat position.


Coaching Points

  • Be quick and explosive with the rip through movement.
  • Visualize making the move against a defender and being strong with the ball.
  • Don’t raise up out of a strong stance.
  • Make sure that you jab forward and not out to the side.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  1. Hook a resistance band to a hook around knee or ground level (a dumbbell rack or squat rack works great).
  2. Grab the other end of the resistance band with your hands and stand with your left foot closest to where the band is hooked.
  3. Pull the band taught and get into a triple threat position; hold your hands at your midsection, towards your back hip.
  4. Now jab forward with your right foot and move your hands to your front hip and back as you do.
  5. Complete as many reps as desired, switch sides, and then repeat.


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