Reverse Body Weight Row Exercise

Reverse Body Weight Row Exercise


The reverse bodyweight row exercise is going to focus on the upper back, shoulders, and arms. It is a great basketball exercise for all players, but it is an excellent exercise for younger players trying to stay away from lifting heavier weights.

Like most exercises that you do, the better your form is, the more you will get out of it. The great thing about the reverse row is that you can add or decrease the difficulty of the exercise based on the player, which should help them keep the correct form while doing the exercise. Some of the ways that this exercise will translate onto the court are in rebounding the basketball or finishing around the rim when there is contact. It is important to make sure that you compliment your basketball training with weight room time to promote maximum player development.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Exercise Name: Reverse Body Weight Row Exercise

Equipment Needed: Squat rack bar, bench, and weighted plates (for advanced versions of exercise).


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Build strength in the upper back, shoulders, and arms.


Coaching Points

  • Control your speed going up and down. Keep your core tight and your back straight the entire time.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  1. Place a bar in the squat rack about 3-4 feet off the ground (level will depend on player’s arm length).
  2. Lay down under the bar and grab the bar so that your hands are about shoulder-width apart, and the bar is even with your chest.
  3. Make your body out into a straight line so that only your heels touch the ground and you are hanging by your arms.
  4. Now pull your upper body up to the bar and touch your chest to the bar.
  5. Freeze slightly at the top, and then lower yourself back down.
  6. This completes one repetition.

Beginner Version: To make the exercise easier, bend at the knees, and place your feet flat on the ground. Knees should make a 90-degree angle.

Advanced Version: Place a flat bench out in front of the bar and rest your feet on the bench instead of on the ground. You can also place a weighted plate on your chest or use resistance bands.


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