Best Social Media Basketball Resources

Best Social Media Basketball Resources


One of the best ways to get information today is through social media. Unfortunately, it can be tough to search through all of the different information to find exactly what you are looking for and make sure that it is reliable. As a basketball player or coach, it is no different.

That is why we have decided to put together a list of some of the best social media basketball resources out there today (Twitter and Facebook). Hopefully, this will give you a great starting point to figuring out what you are looking for and what resources will best fit you.

And as much as these social media basketball resources can help you out, you can also consider growing your social media following and also being an expert resource that basketball coaches, players, and fans look up to as well.

I am sure that I missed a couple of great basketball accounts. So if you have one that you feel needs to be on the list, comment below, and we will do our best to add it to the list. Thanks, and enjoy!


Best Social Media Basketball Resources




Alan Stein

If you are looking for quality posts throughout the day on various coaching and player development topics, Alan Stein is a great person to follow. His background is in basketball strength training, and he is considered one of the experts in this field. Make sure you follow him for some great basketball tips.

twittericon_16px @AlanStein  social_facebook_box_blue Stronger Team





Of course, we have to throw our name into the mix, and hopefully, you will find that we are worthy of being on this list of great social media basketball resources. Our goal is to provide as many basketball training tips, motivational quotes, and coaching tips as we can for both coaches and players. Everything we post is designed to help you become a better coach or player.

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BBall Breakdown

If you are an NBA or college basketball fan, this is a must follow. BBall Breakdown does a great job of live-tweeting throughout different basketball games and breaks down different basketball plays and players. They will help you understand what is going on and help you become a better coach or player.

twittericon_16px @bballsource





Healthy Baller

One of the biggest keys to developing as a basketball player is to make sure that you are taking care of your body and spending the needed time on recovery. These guys are dedicated to posting tips about different healthy tips for recovery, physical improvement, and more.

twittericon_16px @BallinHealthy  social_facebook_box_blue Healthy Baller





Mark Adams

Coach Adams is a basketball skill development coach located in North Carolina, and he is dedicated to helping basketball players get better. You can trust what he posts because he has a great basketball training background and has worked with some really high-level basketball players.

twittericon_16px @MarkAdamsBball




Ryan Pannone

If you are a coach that is always looking to add new plays and offenses to your team’s arsenal, Ryan Pannone is a great follow on Twitter. He is an international basketball coach who shares wisdom about the game but does a great job of sharing different plays and offensive sets.

twittericon_16px @RyanPannone




Coach Mac

This account is great for basketball coaches and players, but it is primarily geared towards coaches. It shares a lot of great quotes, images, and articles covering multiple different basketball-related topics. This account is also affiliated with, a really great resource for coaches and players.

twittericon_16px @BballCoachMac  social_facebook_box_blue @BasketballForCoaches




Coach 4 Character

One of my favorite things about this basketball account is their willingness to share and retweet other great accounts. Coach 4 Character shares a lot of their own great content, but they do a great job of helping the basketball community out, and their followers are willing to share any great content they come across.

twittericon_16px @Coach4Character




PGC Basketball

PGC offers several different products, but their biggest and most recognizable is their basketball camps. They work with players all over the country, developing different skills. Their account does a great job of providing some quality resources and content for both players and coaches at all levels.

twittericon_16px @PGCbasketball





George Raveling

If you are a basketball coach (at any level), this account is a must follow. Coach Raveling is a former head college basketball coach that has years of coaching experience. He does a great job of adding the right perspective to coaching and ensuring that coaches are staying on track.

twittericon_16px @GeorgeRaveling





Coaching U

If you have been a basketball coach for an extended period of time, you are probably at least a little bit familiar with Coaching U. They do a great job of providing different coaching quotes and information for basketball coaches of all levels.

twittericon_16px @Coaching_U





Daniel Makepeace

Daniel is a basketball trainer from Minneapolis, MN, and is dedicated to helping basketball players improve and grow through skill development. If you are looking for quality basketball training tips, this is a great account to follow.

twittericon_16px @PureIntensityBB





Tim Miles

Tim is the head men’s basketball coach at Nebraska University. He does a great job of posting great coaching insights while also doing a great job shedding some light on the college basketball scene. If you are a basketball coach, he is a must follow.

twittericon_16px @CoachMiles





Shot Science Hoops

If you are looking for basketball shooting tips and updates on what is going on in the current basketball community (NBA, College, Etc.), you need to checkout Shot Science. They do a great job of breaking down shooting techniques and giving some great shooting tips.

twittericon_16px @ShotScience





John Lucas

It is always great to hear and learn from basketball coaches that have years of experience and have been through countless learning situations. This is a great account to follow if you are a player, coach, or just a fan of the game.

twittericon_16px @CoachJohnLucas1





Bob Starkey

Bob is the women’s coach at Texas A & M University. He is full of great coaching information and is a resource that every basketball coach should take advantage of. Whether it is quality basketball quotes or updates from what is happening in the basketball community, he does a great job keeping you up to date.

twittericon_16px @TAMCoachStarkey




Pure Sweat

Basketball skill development coach Drew Hanlen manages this account. He does a great job of keeping you up to date on what is going on in the basketball world and provides some quality training tips as well.

twittericon_16px @PureSweat




Brendan Suhr

Brendan Suhr

Brendan Suhr is probably most known for his assistant coaching career with the Detroit Pistons when they won their two championships during the “Bad Boy” years. However, coach Suhr is still a big part of the basketball community today and offers a lot of knowledge about the game.

twittericon_16px @brendansuhr




Hoop Coaches

Hoop Coaches

Hoop Coaches is great because the account is not trying to push any company or product. They simply care about providing quality information to coaches and helping them improve. If you are looking for a great free basketball resource, you have found it here.

twittericon_16px @HoopCoaches




Mike Dunlap

Mike Dunlap

Mike Dunlap is the head men’s basketball coach at Loyola Marymount University, and his account does a great job of providing coaching insights from a current head coach. If you are a current or aspiring basketball coach, you will find some great tips for your team and what you should be doing as a coach daily.

twittericon_16px @CoachMikeDunlap




Sam Allen

Sam Allen

Sam Allen is a skill development coach and recruiting expert. He owns the Blue Collar Basketball training company, and he does a great job of providing coaching tips and skill development instruction. Coach Allen also does a great job of providing some really good coaching quotes as well.

twittericon_16px @CoachSamAllen




Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon is not a basketball coach, but he does a great job of providing some great coaching advice and life principles that apply really well to basketball and sports in general. So whether it is a tweet that helps give you perspective on the day or something that you can pass on to your players, he is a great follow.

twittericon_16px @JonGordon11




Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman is probably the most well known NBA assistant coach in today’s game. He has been Doc Rivers’s right-hand man in Boston and now in LA. Coach Eastman does a great job of providing quality basketball coaching tips, quotes, and so much more!

twittericon_16px @kevineastman





Online Basketball Drills

If you are interested in basketball drills, training tips, and daily motivational quotes, this is a great account to follow. It is more geared for youth to high school level coaches and players, but it is a great resource for daily information.

social_facebook_box_blue Basketball Drills and Plays




533104_10150648817232087_1272734518_nBreakthrough Basketball

This page will help you out with daily tips, quotes, and drills that you can use for your practice or training time. If you are a youth basketball coach or a parent looking for information for their child, this is a must follow.

social_facebook_box_blue Breakthrough Basketball



Best Social Media Basketball Resources Conclusion

As a basketball coach, player, or fan of the game, you always want to be learning. A great way to do that for free and pretty much 24/7 is to follow these great resources listed above. Not every basketball coach is going to believe or be passionate about the same things. So it is important that you learn and then discern what is best for you.

Give these social media basketball resources a follow, and please let us know in the comments below if we have missed any other great basketball accounts that should be on this list.





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