Atlanta Hawks: SOB Triple Stagger Flare Basketball Play (14-15)

This side out of bounds play is great for an end of clock situation where you need a quick three. It is going to use your best shooter as a diversion coming off of the triple screen to the top of the key, but once the ball is inbounded the shooter is actually going to be the one setting the flare screen for the inbounder.

The reason this basketball play is going to work so well is because the player guarding the shooter has most likely been told to not help off the shooter, which means no help defense on the flare screen. If run correctly, this play should result in an open three point shot.



Play Name: Atlanta Hawks: SOB Triple Stagger Flare Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Get a quick 3 pointer for the inbounder once they pass the ball in.

Play Tips: This play is all about timing and misdirection. So make sure that the inbounder is not waiting for the ball after they receive the flare screen. The pass needs to be on time.


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